WWE News: WWE Superstar Paige Proposes To Alberto Del Rio, Her Father Totally Against Her Marrying Him

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you have heard about the controversial relationship of WWE Superstar Paige and former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. The two met on Del Rio’s latest run with WWE, but he left back in September. He had failed a drug test and was under a 30-day suspension, but once it expired, he simply left, which he could do because of his contract expiring in October.

Paige has been out with injuries, so the two spent a lot of extra time together as of late, but this only seemed to be bad for her. The reason this relationship is controversial is because of how the two have been during their romance. Paige is a different person, according to those that know her — and not in a good kind of way. It seems that everyone is worried for a good reason. In the last few months, she has failed two WWE drug tests.

She claims the first was due to a no-show and that the last was due to a prescription painkiller prescribed to her due to the pain she was suffering from her injuries. She needed surgery, so most American doctors would have no problem writing a prescription for her. However, this is not why she failed the test. The WWE sent out a statement claiming that she failed for an illegal substance, which they did not go into specifics about. This means she is managing to get her hands on things that clearly aren’t good for her.

Now the latest addition to this saga has come out. Paige ended up asking Alberto Del Rio to marry her at the WWC Aniversario show in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. After his match, she jumped in the ring, got on one knee, and proposed. Del Rio then accepted, which was at least good to see from a public relations perspective. However, this not nearly sitting well with Paige’s family.

She is part of the beloved Knight Dynasty clan out of the U.K. She was involved in wrestling for years before she was in WWE, and Del Rio even worked for her father’s promotion recently when he went to the U.K. It seems that the family is not too pleased about the proposal.

Ricky Knight, her father, said in a statement, “Putting his out there then saying no more,about it to anyone I am totally against my daughter marrying that man statement over.”

This was short, sweet, and to the point.

Her dad wasn’t the last person to comment, as her brother Roy said, “Hope your ok dad, silly girl, the truth will come out stay strong bud, hate seeing my family hurt. I will add I love my sister more than everything but grrrr X.”

Paige WWE Live Event

His statement made many people wonder what was actually going on here. First off, what truth are we waiting to see? What does her brother know that the rest of the world does not, especially about Del Rio? Did he see right through the man, like many men have the power to do? Maybe he was being an untrusting brother and didn’t want to see her sister end up with someone he didn’t know very well. Regardless, it is clearly bad.

On top of this, it seems Paige’s father is not the biggest fan of Alberto Del Rio. The fact that he said “that man” and didn’t refer to him by name clearly shows he is not the biggest of fans when he comes to who his daughter is seeing. We all by now that he has met the family due to him working with her family’s promotion. However, if dad didn’t see something that he liked, then he clearly would be against things going forward with them.

Maybe Paige’s family thought she was going through a phase and simply didn’t want to control her life too much and hoped she would come to the right decision on her own. However, that clearly isn’t happening in their eyes, and now they are making sure it is known. There seems to be a lot more to this story than what is previously known. The truth that Roy speaks of must be pretty significant for him to bring it up publicly. It’ll be interesting to see how this story develops and how things go with her WWE career due to what’s going on.

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