Kate Middleton Pregnant? Royal Baby Announcement Most Likely Will Come In 2017

Kate Middleton isn't pregnant yet, but might be in the new year. Bookies have begun to speculate about when the duchess will have the next royal baby, reported the International Business Times.

For quite some time, the duke and duchess have been surrounded by pregnancy rumors. The most recent gossip was that Middleton would have her third child in time for the holidays. While this would be a Christmas miracle, Kensington Palace has yet to confirm any of these reports. Still, that doesn't mean everything is off the table. After having so many rumors for months on end, bookies have decided to step in and predict when the duchess would be expecting next.

While Kate Middleton being pregnant in 2016 would be a miracle, it looks like the odds are not in her favor. Bookies have cut the odds to 4/6 for a 2017 royal baby announcement, reported the International Business Times. Still, there are others who believe there is still hope for a third baby in 2016. Some bookies have predicted there is a 4/1 possibility that Prince William and Duchess Kate will surprise us all with another little one. Despite all the estimates and guesstimates, it remains unknown as to whether or not the royal couple is expecting.

Kate Middleton being pregnant continues to be a hot topic amongst fans of the royals and bookies, alike. While many are hoping that the royal baby announcement will come between 2016-2017, some have predicted that another baby wouldn't come till as late as 2018, or later. Still, that possibility is incredibly slim, coming in at a mere 3/1.

While no official announcements have been made yet about a royal pregnancy, many continue to remain hopeful. Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes told the Mirror when she thinks Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton will add a royal addition to their family, wrote the International Business Times.

"The sight of Kate and Will with George and Charlotte has sent royal baby watchers into overdrive. A 2016 announcement seems unlikely but if the money's to be believed 2017 looks like a certainty."

Kate Middleton getting pregnant again would be exciting news for many. Bridge also spoke to this when being interviewed by the Mirror, explained the International Business Times.

"Fans of the Duke and Duchess are hoping the couple make an addition to their gorgeous brood sooner rather than later."

Still, the idea of another royal baby continues to remain nothing but a mere possibility.

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors seemed to be at their peak in early September. Last month, Us Weekly wrote an entire article claiming that the duke and duchess were hoping to add another addition to their family as soon as possible, explained the International Business Times. The publication quoted an anonymous source who was allegedly close to Kensington Palace.

"They want a third baby soon. It would not surprise me if they were pregnant by Christmas."

The insider also previously told Us Weekly that the duke and duchess weren't ready to have another child for quite sometime.

The unknown source said, "They both would have been overwhelmed at the thought of a third child a year ago," reiterated the International Business Times.

Although Kate Middleton isn't currently pregnant, the insider interviewed by Us Weekly said that the duke and duchess are definitely ready to have another child to their family, explained the International Business Times.

"They've both always wanted a big family."

Having a baby by Christmastime isn't the only rumor that has been surrounding the family. The Inquisitr previously reported that Queen Elizabeth was allegedly displeased when she found out that Prince William and Kate Middleton were planning on having a third child.

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