‘Young And Restless’ Spoilers: Jack Targets Victor, Hilary Shifts Gears, Chaos Erupts With Sharon, Chelsea Struggles, And Abby Faces A Decision [Updated]

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that the week of October 17 brings some juicy confrontations, twists, and turns. Jack has a new plan to take down Victor, Hilary will face some difficult decisions, and Sharon is scrambling to keep Patty from revealing the truth about Christian. Chloe is looking to rebuild her life, as is Chelsea, but both ladies are facing some challenges in the episodes ahead.

Jack and Phyllis are managing to work together, to an extent, to try once again to destroy Victor and Newman Enterprises. The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that they got a hold of some incriminating Newman documents and they’re scrambling to keep both Ashley and Billy from figuring out what they’re doing. Hilary has been sent some juicy scoop related to Victor and the company, and SheKnows Soaps indicates that she won’t be able to resist doing a story on what she’s received.

Devon has talked Hilary into trying to stay above-board with the GC Buzz and while she has struggled with this, she has stayed the course so far. However, she is unable to resist looking at all of the negative commentary and criticism online, and Young and Restless spoilers suggest that she will see this Newman scoop as an opportunity to turn things around.


Hilary will start filming a hit piece on Victor, but Young and Restless spoilers hint that Devon catches up to her before it’s finished. He’ll be questioning his wife’s intentions, and convinces her to connect with Newman for a comment before airing the piece. When they ask Victor about the internal documents they’ve received that point toward fishy books at the company, he gets furious.

Sharon has been scrambling to keep Patty from revealing the secret that Sully is Christian’s, but her erratic behavior is bringing on a lot of questions. She and Mariah have been making moves to keep Patty under control, and while Sharon almost came clean earlier in the week, she has held back and despite questions and curiosity from Paul, Kevin, and Dylan, the truth remains hidden.

When will the truth finally emerge on this front? The Young and the Restless spoilers from TV Insider tease that the GC Buzz will be behind the big reveal on this front and the November 1 episode is where things explode. Dylan will, of course, be crushed to learn that Sully isn’t his and that his wife has been lying to him for months. There are said to be intense scenes with Nikki ahead as a result and it is known that Steve Burton will be leaving the role of Dylan a bit later this year. Sharon Case also hints that it could turn out that Christian is really Nick’s son rather than Adam’s after all, and fans cannot wait to watch all of this play out.


Billy will find himself in trouble yet again soon, and Soap Central reveals Young and Restless spoilers that he will decide to play dirty to get what he wants. Victor catches wind of a new rival, and there is a confrontation on the way, and it seems that he will be questioning Travis’ loyalty during all of this.

This week brings a bit more action with Abby and Stitch as she contemplates walking away from her marriage. Stitch has indicated that he wants to try to repair things, but it is sounding as if it may well be too late. Nick and Sharon will seemingly continue to grow closer again, but this will explode soon when the secret about Christian is finally revealed.

How far will Jack go to take down Victor, and will this create an opportunity for Phyllis to win back her husband? Can Billy find his way again amid all of the conflict with his brother, his ex-love, and his ex-wife Victoria? Will Victor manage to stay on top once again, and how will Travis figure into all that is on the way? Young and the Restless spoilers detail that things will be chaotic and dramatic and viewers will not want to miss where things head next.

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