Dorinda Medley Flips Out After Fight With Sonja Morgan At Luann De Lesseps’ Bridal Shower

Dorinda Medley wanted to protect Sonja Morgan during The Real Housewives of New York, so she decided to leave her at home during a weekend trip to the Berkshires. Sonja was super hurt by Dorinda’s decision, as Medley blamed Morgan’s drinking. Many of the ladies revealed that Sonja had been drinking quite a bit, but she didn’t see herself as an alcoholic. Dorinda decided to leave her out of the weekend trip, which ended up backfiring on her. Medley was later accused of doing cocaine, and Sonja said that everyone knew she did drugs on the reunion special.

According to a new tweet, Dorinda Medley recently revealed that she isn’t very happy with Morgan these days. The two recently ran into each other at Luann de Lesseps’ bridal shower. While the two ignored each other in the beginning, they eventually started talking. And it sounds like things didn’t exactly work out well, as Medley may have been angry with Sonja’s comments that she does cocaine. Dorinda decided to call out Morgan on Twitter for what has been said about her.

“Biggest hypocrite ever Get you facts straight cause I have them all! #EveryoneKnowsTheTruth #TipsyGirl #PandorasBoxOpens,” Dorinda tweeted just a few days ago, after she got into a fight with Sonja at Luann de Lesseps’ bridal shower.

“Get facts straight was upset because it was my late husbands birthday!” Dorinda Medley continued on Twitter, tagging Sonja in her tweets, adding later, “been quiet and a lady all summer! But enough is enough with her slander! #TruthWillPrevail #SorryNotSorry.”

While Dorinda Medley and Morgan didn’t talk about Luann’s bridal shower on Twitter, de Lesseps had several things to say to Taylor Strecker on her SiriusXM show. Apparently, both ladies were invited, and they didn’t talk to one another during the party.

“They ran into each other at my bridal shower,” de Lesseps revealed, according to Bravo, adding, “They didn’t even look at each other. They didn’t talk to each other”


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Even though the two ignored one another at the party, Medley decided to use social media to express her frustrations after the party. She’s clearly quite upset with Morgan since she didn’t want to talk to her during Luann’s bridal party. No word on whether this event was filmed for The Real Housewives of New York, but rumor has it that filming has started. But Luann has a theory as to why her co-star is upset with Medley.

“Dorinda and Sonja are duking it out. Sonja’s pissed off about certain things that happened last season on the show, that Dorinda didn’t have her back. She’s still mad about not being invited to the Berkshires. She’s holding a grudge,” Luann continues about Dorinda Medley’s feud with her co-star, adding, “She feels like she was excluded, and she took it very personally. And Dorinda tried to explain to her, but Sonja just doesn’t want to hear it. Sonja’s like, ‘You excluded me, those are my friends, and you made me feel like an outsider.'”

If both ladies are returning to The Real Housewives of New York, their failed friendship may play out on this upcoming season of the show. Bethenny Frankel has hinted that she may leave the show and Jules Wainstein could be leaving the show as well to protect her children after her husband, Michael Wainstein, left him for another woman this past spring. But Dorinda Medley and Morgan have not expressed an interest in leaving the show behind, so both may return.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley’s Twitter comments? Do you think they are justified considering Sonja doesn’t want to talk to her anymore?

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