‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Negan Victims Revealed, How Will It All Go Down?

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere is finally upon us. The first episode of the season is set to air on Sunday, and fans can barely contain their excitement. However, while everyone is eager to see what will happen in the first episode, some viewers are also very worried about the fates of their favorite characters.

As many fans know, Negan brutally killed one member of Rick’s group in the shocking Season 6 finale cliffhanger. Now, the identity of that person will finally be revealed. However, there could be a huge twist coming that will make fans furious as they watch the season opener.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere is going to be the most intense episode the series has ever aired. While the show is known for killing off main characters, this will be different and much more emotional than any other deaths fans have seen in the past.

Spoilers are even revealing that more than one person will die at the hands of Negan when the show finally returns this weekend. Sadly, these spoilers seem to be true, and viewers will likely end the Season 7 premiere feeling shocked, saddened, and, of course, enthralled by what they’ve seen.

The Walking Dead Season 7 SPoilers: WHo does Negan kill?
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The report suggests that Negan’s first victim will be Abraham Ford. Negan will reportedly choose Abraham after seeing the former military man as one of the biggest threats among the group. Negan will then proceed to bash Abraham’s head in with his weapon of choice, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire named Lucille. This spoiler theory has all but been confirmed as actor Michael Cudlitz is said to have only filmed one episode in Season 7. The group will be shocked at Negan’s brutality, and their reaction could cost another character their life.

As many Walking Dead viewers will remember, Negan warned Rick and his group that if anyone tried to get in his way during the brutal beat down, there would be consequences, and it seems that is exactly what will happen. Online rumors reveal that one member of the gang will lash out over Abraham’s death, and it will be a fatal mistake.

One theory reveals that it may be Daryl who acts out after Negan’s first kill and that the villain will decide to kill another member of the group because of the outburst. This could mean that Daryl dies, but actor Norman Reedus has been spotted filming multiple times since the premiere shot. However, Daryl’s possible outburst could lead Negan to kill Glenn with the bat as well. If this scenario does play out, Daryl will likely never forgive himself and could become even more emotionally damaged than he already is.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Glenn dies in Season 7 premiere?
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Meanwhile, another Walking Dead Season 7 premiere theory speculates that it will be Glenn who lashes out at Negan after he kills Abraham. Glenn, who is the member of the group with the biggest heart and sense of humanity, is the character who dies at the hands of Negan in the comic book series. Fans are fully expecting to see Glenn die in some way, and the latest speculation is that Negan will shoot him for his outburst and then use Lucille to finish him off as his wife, Maggie, is forced to watch.

Whatever happens in the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, fans are sure to have a very strong reaction to it. The death scene(s) are set to be some of the most terrifying and shocking the series has ever aired, and viewers are mentally preparing themselves for what they’re about to see.

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