NFL Week 7 Super Bowl 51 Odds Update: Falcons, Cowboys & Vikings On The Rise

The NFL Week 7 Super Bowl 51 odds have been updated, and with the season closing in on the halfway point of the schedule, a few teams are starting to prove they are the real deal, while some early preseason Super Bowl favorites are in a bit of trouble.

According to a CBS Sports report, the Dallas Cowboys did something not many teams often do — go into Lambeau Field and smack the Green Bay Packers around. Quarterback Dak Prescott has led Dallas to a 5-1 start while filling in for Tony Romo. Now the big question in “Big D” is, do the Cowboys go back to Romo when he is 100 percent healthy, or do they stay with the rookie with the hot hand in Prescott? Time will tell. Dallas was listed at 25 to 1 odds back in Week 1. They are now at 18/1.

The Cowboys aren’t the only team raising eyebrows with their great start so far in 2016. The Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl 51 odds have taken the NFL by storm through the first half of the season.

Minnesota, without Teddy Bridgewater and All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson have yet to taste defeat heading into Week 7. The Vikings lead the NFC North with a 5-0 record and have only given up 62 during that period – that’s less than 13 points per game. The Vikings have always played well at home, and it is still early in the season, but if someone doesn’t slow down this Vikings’ defense they may be the team to beat in the NFC.

While the offense has started off slow, it may be only a matter of time before it picks up.

Quarterback Sam Bradford was a late acquisition for the Vikings, and he literally had to learn the Vikings playbook on the fly. Bradford was traded from the Eagles to the Vikings on September 3, and he started for Minnesota in their opening game on September 11. In return for Bradford, the Vikings gave up a first-round pick in 2017 and a fourth-round pick in 2018 to the Eagles.

Quarterback Sam Bradford has been the best pick up by a team so far this season. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

When NFL fans and experts look back on this trade at the end of the season, it may be one of the biggest of the 2016 season. Minnesota was listed at 20 to 1 odds back in the preseason, however, now they are at 8 to 1.

Of all the teams in the NFC, watch out for the Vikings. They have that same look the Carolina Panthers had in 2015.

Last but far from least are the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta currently has one of the best offenses in the NFL and they are doing what NFL champions need to do — win on the road. The Falcons are 3-1 on the road with their only loss coming against Seattle 26-24.

Once sitting at a whopping 80 to 1 long shot to win Super Bowl 51, Atlanta is currently listed at 20 to 1.

On the flip side of the coin, teams trending downward in the Week 7 Super Bowl 51 odds update include the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants and the defending NFC champion Carolina Panthers.

Carolina opened the season at 12 to 1, but a 1-5 start and a defense that looks nothing like it did a year ago has the Panthers currently at 40 to 1.

Tom Brady and the Patriots are still the Super Bowl 51 favorites. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

The Bengals and Giants both opened the 2016 NFL season at 20 to 1. Now they are both listed at 60 to 1. These Super Bowl 51 odds can be a tricky thing to keep up with as they fluctuate as much as the stock market! However, if you can select the Super Bowl 51 winner this early on in the season, you may cash in on a small fortune.

Here is a look at current NFL Week 7 Super Bowl 51 odds.

  • New England Patriots — 7-2
  • Green Bay Packers – 5-1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – 6-1
  • Seattle Seahawks – 7-1
  • Minnesota Vikings – 8-1
  • Denver Broncos — 12-1
  • Oakland Raiders – 16-1
  • Arizona Cardinals – 18-1
  • Dallas Cowboys – 18-1
  • Atlanta Falcons — 20-1
  • Philadelphia Eagles – 30-1
  • Kansas City Chiefs — 20-1
  • Houston Texans — 40-1
  • Carolina Panthers — 12-1
  • Washington Redskins — 40-1
  • Cincinnati Bengals — 12-1
  • Baltimore Ravens — 30-1
  • New York Giants — 40-1
  • Buffalo Bills — 30-1
  • Indianapolis Colts — 20-1
  • Los Angeles Rams — 50-1
  • New York Jets — 30-1
  • San Diego Chargers — 50-1
  • Detroit Lions — 40-1
  • Tennessee Titans — 50-1
  • Jacksonville Jaguars — 50-1
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers — 50-1
  • Miami Dolphins — 50-1
  • New Orleans Saints — 40-1
  • Chicago Bears — 40-1
  • San Francisco 49ers — 60-1
  • Cleveland Browns — 200-1

[Featured Image by Julian Finney/Getty Images]