Kate Gosselin Rumors: Another Season Of ‘Kate Plus 8’ Confirmed

Despite all of the Kate Gosselin rumors about her clearly troubled family life, she certainly isn’t letting it stop her from announcing the latest season of Kate Plus 8. Because Kate Gosselin isn’t going to let something as boring as “family” interfere with her quest for fame, she took to the press rounds to announce another season of the hit TLC show, which is set to premiere sometime in January 2017.

People Magazine was the first to report on the latest Kate Gosselin rumors about the show’s renewal. The reality star, who has been the subject of countless rumors thanks to her ex-husband and her ex-boyfriend (and for good reason), revealed to People that the show’s popularity “forever altered” the family’s life, and that much of her days are spent trying to cope with the fallout from fame. In the interview, Kate also claimed that the family is “working together” to overcome their issues, especially as far as the issue of 12-year-old Collin is concerned. We’ll recall that Collin is currently away at a program for “special needs” children that claims it can help him overcome his violent tendencies — and we’ll also recall that Kate admitted to spanking her son for being defiant. Apparently, however, the two have no correlation, in Kate Gosselin’s eyes.

Kate Gosselin Rumors People Magazine
The latest Kate Gosselin rumors confirm that "Kate Plus 8" will return in January 2017. [Image by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, in other Kate Gosselin rumors reports put out by Us Weekly, Jon Gosselin — Kate’s ex-husband — helped the two eldest Gosselin children, twins Maddy and Cara, celebrate their 16th birthday. He did so a few days after their actual birthday — better late than never, we suppose — the way any overly concerned, involved father would do: by posting a photo of him with the twins when they were babies on Instagram! Isn’t that thoughtful of him?

Jon’s caption read, in its entirety.

“Happy 16th Bday to Mady and Cara!!! ❤️❤️????????????October 8, 2000 seems forever ago.”

The girls admit that they don’t have a good relationship with their father, and Jon admits that he hasn’t seen any of the children in a long time, despite the fact that the custody arrangement between him and Kate entitles him to see his children at least once a week for dinner and have weekend overnight visits every week.

Jon, however, claims that this is no help.

“I have no contact with them. I’m hoping they’re at school today. I just have to trust that everything is going OK.”

Latest Kate Gosselin Rumors

Finally, in other Kate Gosselin rumors, E! Online has taken the liberty of speculating on a few things that may happen during the season premiere of Kate Plus 8, after nearly a year of Kate Gosselin and her tribe being off our screens. One of the things they hope will play out is Kate’s struggle to share custody of the children with Jon — even though Kate hasn’t proven herself to be the paragon of motherhood, Jon hasn’t exactly attempted to play an active role in his children’s lives, either.

Another thing that E! Online hopes to see is how Kate handles dating. We’ll recall that Kate recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Jeff Prescott. He was the one who did the breaking off because, according to him, he wanted a relationship with a real woman, not a character on a reality show and someone who was just obsessed with playing a part. Finally, E! Online hopes we’ll see how the clearly-troubled kids deal with the familial upheaval.

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