‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: America Chooses Week 3 Have Nots, Safety Ceremony Complete, Nominations Revealed

Several new developments have occurred over the past few days in the Big Brother: Over the Top house, with live feeds offering viewers a look at the Week 3 Safety Ceremony, the Head of Household’s (HOH) ultimate nominees, and the three houseguests that America chose to make the dreaded Have Nots (those doomed to eat Big Brother slop for a week and are banished to a back room at night where they must sleep on trampolines) this week.

On Saturday at around 1 p.m. Big Brother: Over the Top house time, America’s decision as to which cast members would be Have Nots in Week 3 was revealed to the houseguests.

Polls across the Internet were quite consistent in their predication as to who America wanted to see eat Big Brother slop for seven days, with Danielle Lickey the top contender at around 23 percent on Big Brother Network’s survey.

In the end, America got its wish as Danielle was voted a Have Not along with Alex Willett and Shelby Stockton. This is an interesting mix because Danielle, in a highly divided Big Brother house, is part of the Late Night Jamboree (LNJ) crew, while Alex and Shelby are part of a group sometimes called the Plastics.

Some have theorized that no other members of the LNJ were voted to be Have Nots by America because viewers want Danielle to be separated from them and be the only one of her group in the Big Brother: Over the Top Have Not room at night. This may have backfired, however, because Danielle’s showmance, Shane Chapman, has apparently been forsaking a regular bed in order to openly make out and slumber with Danielle on the uncomfortable Have Not room trampoline.

Later on October 15, Scott Dennis, the week 3 HOH, was tasked with choosing several individuals to save during the first Safety Ceremony of the weekend. On Sunday, he finalized who he would keep safe, and when all was said and done, cast members Kryssie Ridolfi and Neeley Jackson were left vulnerable as the Week 3 Big Brother: Over the Top nominees.

Apparently, Kryssie was outraged by her nomination and believed that Scott broke Big Brother rules by chiding her in his nomination speech. Kryssie voiced this opinion to Shelby late Sunday night, saying she didn’t mind being a pawn, but thought Scott should have told her if she was, Joker’s Updates reveals. Kryssie told Shelby she believes Scott’s nomination speech was “…so uncalled for, and against the rules…”

This perplexed Shelby, who asked Kryssie how Scott did or said anything that was against Big Brother rules. Kryssie argued her point, saying, “…he knew that I almost quit yesterday…” and he was “…baiting me to quit…” According to Joker’s Updates, Shelby was attempting to respond by saying she didn’t think what Scott did was a rule breaker, but Kryssie left the bathroom area.

Alex apparently walked in and Shelby informed her of what was discussed with Kryssie. Alex was confused, looked at the live feed cameras, and spoke to viewers saying of Kryssie, “She is crazy, she is crazy… I am worried about her sanity…”

In actuality, Scott has apparently discussed with his group that both Kryssie and Neeley are really pawns and he would like to backdoor Danielle after the Power of Veto (POV) competition is played. Scott, however, may never get that chance, as a Joker’s Updates poll has revealed that Danielle is likely to be chosen by America as its Week 3 nominee. Currently, Danielle is ranking at 54 percent likelihood she will face the chopping block courtesy of America, with Morgan Willett coming in a distant second with 22 percent.

On live feeds, the Plastics and Danielle’s own group in the Big Brother: Over the Top house, the LNJ, have vocalized they are fed up with some of her antics and are simply tired of hearing the kissing noises that take place at night during her romantic interactions with Shane.

Thus, Danielle may be the cast member who is sent home on Wednesday’s live show if she is not saved by the POV challenge, which is to be played Monday at 1 p.m.

Big Brother: Over the Top streams 24 hours a day, seven days a week on CBS All Access, with CBS promising no blackouts, even during competitions. Monday through Friday at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, the show streams a Weekday Replay of house events, however, the show’s regular schedule is as follows (it should be noted all times shown are Eastern):


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10 p.m. – Weekly Full Episode

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10:30 p.m. – Live Diary Room Sessions


4 p.m. – Weekly Have Not Reveal

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