WWE Rumors: Paige Proposes To Alberto Del Rio In The Middle Of A Wrestling Ring

The WWE rumors mill is in overdrive this morning, as reports emerge that embattled WWE superstar Paige is now engaged to Alberto Del Rio. According to the WWE rumors mill, as with everything else that Paige does, it made the news because not only did she propose to him, but she did so in the middle of a wrestling ring!

According to the report by WrestleZone, the latest WWE rumors about Paige and Alberto del Rio are in fact true, as Paige asked Alberto to marry her in the ring at the WWE Aniversario 43 event in Puerto Rico. The couple, who have not yet set a wedding date, did it in front of thousands of cheering fans after Alberto del Rio finished a match against former WWE superstar Carlito. As Paige got down on one knee, the fans chanted, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Naturally, Alberto said “yes,” though there seems to be no sign of a ring. She also gave a brief interview to Pico’s Reviews right after the proposal, which you can see below.

A few fans also confirmed the reports of their impending engagement with photos of their own.

But are these WWE rumors about Paige’s engagement merely just a ploy to advertise Alberto Del Rio’s latest venture? Bleacher Report is just one of the many outlets who seem to think so. While it’s clear that the couple have been dating since May when they first went public with their relationship at Disney World (well, it is the happiest place on Earth, after all), it’s pretty odd that their “engagement” happened in the middle of a wrestling ring after Alberto del Rio had a match. And it’s further odd that Paige, who is notorious for putting her entire life on social media, remained oddly silent after the “proposal.” Finally, eagle-eyed fans noted that while Paige was photographed in one outfit backstage, she was photographed in a body suit (that she’d been wearing all week) when she got in the ring. This led some fans to speculate that she’d been wearing this suit to practice for an upcoming match, or that she’d been recording a series of appearances and she needed to wear the same outfit to preserve continuity.

Take a look at the photo taken by a fan backstage at the event and compare it to what Paige wore in the ring.

Regardless of the validity of the happy couple’s engagement, there are other WWE rumors surrounding Paige that seem to be true. According to PWMania, Alberto del Rio recently tweeted a note from Paige’s non-WWE approved doctor, and this note that came in the form of a text proves that Paige needs surgery even though the WWE doctors insist she doesn’t (and therefore, the WWE reportedly isn’t paying for Paige’s surgery). According to the text (which is already making people question the validity of the claim), Paige has “a lot of wear and tear” for her age, and she also has a herniation between two of the discs in her back, which is causing the majority of pain she’s feeling.

Of course, even some fans are calling shenanigans on Alberto Del Rio.

Eagle-eyed fans also noted that the “text” looked suspiciously like something Alberto would send to Paige to shore up her claims.

Nevertheless, we wish the couple a lifetime of happiness.

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