‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’: ‘Diamond’ And ‘Pearl’ Remakes Hinted By Pokemon’s Official Site? [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: Paragraph near the end of the article marked “UPDATE INFO”]

With the most recent Pokemon Sun and Moon teaser trailer, Gamefreak may have inadvertently confirmed plans for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes following the releases of Pokemon Sun and Moon. This only adds to the growing evidence in favor of the remakes that has already accumulated.


Pokemon’s generation seven games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, were announced back in late February. Rumors quickly began to fly that, just like after the last main series games were released, there would be another pair of remakes following Sun and Moon. To be exact, Pokemon fans theorized that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl would be receiving the modernization treatment.

Ever since then, eagle-eyed Pokemon fans have been scouring The Pokemon Company’s official Pokemon Sun and Moon reveals for clues pointing to upcoming Diamond and Pearl remakes. Lots of them have been spotted, and a few of the more notable ones are as follows.

On one end of the spectrum are the supposed hints to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes that seem fairly likely to be coincidence. If they are, though, they’re still fun coincidences.

Blue and Pink

Pokemon fans may already know that the “mascot” colors associated with Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, respectively, are sky blue and pink. Those two colors have shown up in combination in a number of the Pokemon Sun and Moon teasers.

Take a look at these gameplay stills in which Team Skull members are introduced, and you’ll see the possibility.

Pokemon Sun Moon Diamond Pearl Remakes Generation Four
The pre-battle introductions of Guzma, Gladion, and Plumeria, three heads of 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Moon's' Team Skull. [Image by Pokemon]

The shades of blue and pink used in the stills are pretty much exactly the same as the shades associated with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. They are even superimposed on the same black background.

Note that The Pokemon Company is by no means new to including very subtle hints as to future games in their marketing materials, a point noted by The Inquisitr.

Diamond and Pearl remakes
[Image by Pokemon]

Other “clues” to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes seem a lot more like they were intentionally included by Gamefreak. In other words, they seem too on-the-nose to be pure coincidence.

Diamond Head and Pearl Harbor

In the first image released of Alola, the Hawaii-inspired region in which Pokemon Sun and Moon will take place, there are two very prominent landmarks, a volcano and a marina for docking boats. Some Pokemon fans did some research and found that the shape of the Alolan island shown was similar to that of Oahu, a real Hawaiian island. Not only that but two of Oahu’s most striking features looked very much like the mountain and marina already mentioned. Those two landmarks are, by name, Diamond Head and Pearl Harbor. Diamond and Pearl. Get it? If not, this theory was discussed in much greater depth in a previously published article by the Pokemon experts here at The Inquisitr.

Pokemon Sun Moon Diamond Pearl Remakes Generation Four
The first image of Alola released back in late May. [Image by Giancarloparimango11/Youtube]

The Silvally-Arceus Connection

Perhaps the most persuasive evidence hinting at an upcoming return to Sinnoh (the region of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl) is the very recent announcement of Silvally.

Most seasoned Pokemon fans who are at all involved in the game’s competitive scene are familiar with Arceus, the God Pokemon introduced in generation four. They may also know that Arceus’s ability, “Multitype,” allows it to alter its own typing depending on the item it holds. The Pokemon’s signature move, “Judgement,” assumes the typing of Arceus itself.

A recent trailer revealed Silvally, a never before seen Pokemon. It also unveiled its signature ability, “RKS System,” and its signature move, “Multi-Attack.” They seem to have the exact same effects as Arceus’s unique ability and attack, meaning that Silvally is basically a second coming of Arceus. Does that mean The Pokemon Company is sneakily moving back towards Arceus for a generation four revival? Is it possible he is Silvally’s evolution?

UPDATE INFO: To top it all off, one can take a look at the Alola Regional Pokedex, which was leaked from Bulbagarden and posted by Reddit user LoganBaker2147 yesterday. The Pokedex contains only seven Sinnoh Pokemon, excluding evolved or pre-evolved forms of Pokemon introduced in other generations. More precisely, only the Garchomp, Lucario, and Lumineon evolution lines are included. The noticeable exclusion of generation four Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon definitely bodes well for Sinnoh remakes following the games. After all, Gamefreak would want to avoid repeating a large portion of the Pokedex in two consecutive releases.

After the release of the last all-new main series games, Pokemon X and Y, Gamefreak did not take long to come out with remakes of the franchise’s generation three entries, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The remakes brought updated graphics and game mechanics as well as several important error adjustments to the old games. It has been just over a decade since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have been released, and it seems they may be due for the same treatment after Pokemon Sun and Moon are released on November 18.

What do you think? Are these hints actually subtle clues to some upcoming remakes, or are they just happy coincidence? And if Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes really are coming, what do you think would be good names for the updated games? Make your voice heard in the comments section below!

And as always, Train On, Pokemon fans.

[Featured Image by Giancarloparimango11/YouTube]