Dog Trapped, Lost For Five Days Rescued, Man Uses Turban To Save Drowning Canine

Recently, a two-year old dog would have died had it not been for the heroic actions of a young boy. A dog named Wyatt herded cattle at a farm in Lowell, Michigan. According to his owner, Wyatt usually behaves and does not wander off. Therefore, when he went missing, the owner assumed the worst.

“We just woke up one morning, and he was gone, and so I thought someone took him,” stated Morgan Ford, the missing dog’s owner.

“Waking up and not having him around was just so different. I just knew something was wrong.”

The family, including their 15-month-old son, spent the entire day looking for the canine. The fanned out and began searching all 10 acres of their property and the woods near their home. Ford even posted desperate pleas for help on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. He was very descriptive about the dog’s disappearance and held on to rays of hope that someone nearby would find him, according to Fox 17.

According to Ford, it made her feel as though the world were looking for the beloved companion. And then came a miracle.

Five days later, while washing dishes, Ford was shocked to see her neighbor’s son walk up to her with Wyatt in hand. The dog was coated with dirt and oil and was shivering uncontrollably. Ford cried when she saw her beloved dog and quickly embraced him.

“The boy knows Wyatt. Wyatt watches him get off the school bus every day,” she explained.

Wyatt was completely overwhelmed by the experience but was back to his usual self after a few baths and a long nap.

“Once I hugged him he was tail-wagging and happy,” an elated Ford said.

The boy that rescued Wyatt refused any reward offered by the Ford family. However, they still gave the boy a gift card for his heroic deed.

Recently in India, a man discovered a dog that was drowning in a river. The man wanted to help, but he was unable to assist because he feared the water – the man had never learned to swim. Rather than abandoning the hapless dog and relying on bystanders to help, the man was forced to use unorthodox methods to save the distressed animal, according to Metro News.

The man, named Sarwan Singh, was driving along the river in Punjab. Singh explained how he observed a commotion ahead from a group of onlookers. He soon realized all the fuss was about a dog fighting for its life. Somehow, he had gotten into the river and couldn’t swim to shore. Oddly, bystanders were merely looking instead of trying to rescue the animal.

Despite his lofty dreams to help, Singh was limited by his inability to swim. However, he hatched a novel idea to attempt a water rescue. The man used his turban as a rope for the dog to possibly grab with its mouth or paws.

After Singh had removed his headgear and thrown one end to the animal, the dog grabbed onto it with its muzzle. At this point, it was easy for Singh to pull the dog to dry land. Later, Singh, now a local hero, spoke to reporters about the harrowing moment.

“The moment I started taking off my turban, people watching around were shocked. They thought I was disrespecting my faith, but what was important at that point was to save the animal’s life.”

It’s a foregone conclusion that had Singh driven away, the animal would have drowned. Thankfully, his will to save a life outweighed his fear of the water. The animal is likely thinking, “Man is a dog’s best friend.”

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