Glued Hands Mom Calls Herself A Monster: Says ‘I’ll Never Forgive Myself’

Dallas, TX – The young mother of five who glued her toddler’s hands to the wall says that she’ll never forgive herself for what she has done to her own daughter.

Elizabeth Escalona, 23, pleaded guilty in July to felony injury to a child and is now facing a sentence somewhere between probation and life in prison (prosecutors have requested a 45-year term for the “glued hands mom”). Authorities say that Escalona kicked her daughter, Jocelyn Cedillo, in the stomach, beat her with a milk jug, and glued her hands to the apartment wall with super glue.

The Washington Post reports that the child suffered bleeding in her brain, multiple bruises, and bitemarks and fell into a coma for a few days. Some skin from the glue had been torn from her hands as well. She was hospitalized for days.

The defense asked Escal0na what she thought of the photographs the prosecution had shown in court that clearly show young Jocelyn’s injuries. The “glued hands mom” called herself a “monster” for the attack and said that she cannot remember what prompted her to attack her child. Escalona further stated that she would accept any sentence that was handed down, though she did plead for leniency and ask for the opportunity to show that she had changed.

“I love my kids,” Escalona said. “I will never forgive myself for what I did to my own daughter.”


Prosecutors have painted the “glued hands mom” as a poor mother with a history of violence, drug abuse, and gang connections. Escalona’s relatives have said that while the attack on Jocelyn was inexcusable, they don’t believe that putting her away will solve anything. “Her being taken away won’t help any,” her sister, Margaret Escalona, said.

Additionally, the Miami Herald reports that Counselor Melanie Davis, who has been conducting sessions with Escalona since June, said that, despite the glued hands incident, the mother does love her children, though “is need of further counseling services.”

What do you think should happen to the “glued hands mom?”