Oklahoma Clown Attack: Woman Viciously Attacked By Unknown Female, Two Males In Clown Masks

An Oklahoma woman has reportedly been the victim of a vicious, senseless “clown attack.” The incident took place on Saturday evening, near the city of Pryor, Oklahoma, and it left an already traumatized, grieving victim incredibly shaken up. According to a News On 6 report, the unidentified female victim of the Oklahoma clown attack was headed home from a fundraiser to help raise money for her recently deceased brother.

According to her account, the Oklahoma clown attack victim lost her brother just day’s before she was violently assaulted.

The Mayes County Sheriff’s Office reports that the attack took place in Mayes county, just off the side of a rural road. That was where the woman was driving at just after 10:00 p.m. when she was flagged down by a female next to what the clown attack victim believed to be a disabled vehicle. That vehicle has been described by law enforcement as a “newer red Dodge minivan.”

At the time that the victim of the Oklahoma clown attack was flagged down, the van was parked on the side of the road. Just prior to the clown attack, the victim pulled over to aid the apparently distressed and stranded female.

Before the Oklahoma clown attack victim could even exit her car, she was approached by the “distress” female motorist and two men in clown masks. When the trio got to the victim’s vehicle, the two men in clown masks allegedly wrenched to victim from her car and proceeded to hold her down so that the female could assault her.

During the clown attack, the men in clown masks allegedly held the victim immobile while the female wrote “clown posse” on her face. The Oklahoma clown attack continued to get more violent after the victim’s face was written on. Next, as the two men in clown masks continued to hold her down, the female attacker reportedly put a cigarette out on the victim’s face, then choked her.

As abruptly as the Oklahoma clown attack began, it ended. According to the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office, who recounted the victim’s accounting of the Oklahoma clown attack, after writing on the victim’s face, burning her face with a cigarette and then choking her, the female attacker and two men in clown masks reportedly let her go. The three attackers reportedly simply got back in their red Dodge minivan and drove away.

According to the victim, they fled the scene driving in a westward direction.

The victim of the Oklahoma clown attack was able to provide law enforcement with a relatively good description of her female attacker. Reportedly, the woman who flagged the victim down, as well as burned her face and choked her, is described as being roughly 30-35 years of age with extremely short blonde hair. At the time of the attack, the woman was allegedly barefoot, in white shorts and a red sleeveless top.

As for the two males who allegedly helped perpetuate the Oklahoma clown attack, the victim was unable to provide an accurate description of the pair.

The Oklahoma clown attack comes amid months of clown sightings that began in South Carolina and spread across the United States and have now become an international phenomenon. There have been hundreds of creepy clown sightings reported across the U.S. in recent months and weeks, and dozens of police jurisdictions have gotten involved in the investigation into the largely harmless incidents. However, in the last few weeks, the clown problem has become increasingly threatening and at times even violent.

During one California clown sighting, a creepy clown reportedly tried to snatch a toddler from the arms of its mother. In Ohio, a student was reportedly chased by a clown with a knife near a school bus stop. So far, a handful of clown-related arrests has taken place, with most clowns charged with disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace or something similar.

Things have gotten so bad, that police departments in some jurisdictions in Texas have reported difficulty handling “real” crimes because they are being inundated by reports of creepy clowns, reports KXAN.

“We have been stepping up our patrols in the area, especially during the time when kids are getting ready for school or getting home from school.”

Texas has become a hotbed of creepy clown activity, with one college student even reporting an attempted clown attack on her school’s campus.

With Halloween fast approaching, and sales of creepy clown costumes jumping 300 percent over last year, law enforcement is very concerned that things will get worse before they get better. Many people have taken to social media to say that they plan on taking the clown-related law into their own hands, even threatening to shoot creepy clowns on sight.

With regard to the Oklahoma clown attack, the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office has asked anyone who may have seen anything or who may have any information regarding the incident to call police at 918-825-3535.

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