‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Relationship Update: Wedding Bells Or Breakup Announcements For ‘Paradise’ Season 3 Couples?

Wondering if any of the three couples who got engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 finale are still together? If you follow the reality stars on social media, you’re probably convinced that Carly and Evan, Amanda and Josh, and Lace and Grant will all be tying the knot on a special Paradise wedding special in the coming months.

However, their cute couple pics and videos on Snapchat and Instagram may not tell the whole story. Although it’s been six weeks since the Bachelor in Paradise finale aired on ABC, the proposals were filmed four months ago at the Playa Escondida resort in Sayulita, Mexico.

Here are the latest updates on the final three couples, but first, take a look back at some highlights from Paradise Season 3 in the video below.

On September 6, fans watched as Josh, Evan, and Grant proposed to the women they fell in love with in Paradise. Of course, it wouldn’t be a shocker if they all ended up breaking off their engagements when they returned to real life — according to blogger Reality Steve, taping for the show took only 18 days.

Once taping was over at the end of June, all three couples were either spotted out together or spilled the details about their relationship status on social media (Ahem! Josh and Amanda). However, the couples didn’t officially confirm their post-show plans until they appeared on ABC’s After Paradise live show after the season finale.

Six weeks later, breakup rumors continue to swirl about at least one couple — Josh and Amanda — and Evan recently revealed that he was taking a break from Carly, but their separation was brief. And what about Grant and Lace? They certainly look happy in their Snapchat stories, but what’s the deal — are they heading to the altar soon?

Here’s the low-down on all three couples now that they’ve had almost four months to get to know each other.

Lace and Grant

Grant and Lace have been lying low for the most part, but their social media posts indicate that they are still together. According to Bustle, the couple revealed that they are living together in San Francisco, and if their photos are any indication, they still have the hots for each other. Will we soon hear wedding bells? Time will tell if this Bachelor in Paradise couples walks down the aisle this year or next, but for now, they are enjoying life as a newly-engaged couple.

Carly and Evan

This quirky couple seems to be in it for the long haul. Fans who are familiar with Evan’s Twitter account know that he’s a bit of a prankster, so his tweet on October 10 that said they were going to separate was not a shocker — especially because he followed up that they would only be apart for 12 hours.

Since then, Carly has been showing off the couple’s Halloween decor on Snapchat, as well as giving fans a first-hand look at the happy couple hanging out with Evan’s boys in his kitchen.

Although Carly and Evan haven’t set a wedding date yet, it appears that they are very happy together. So far, so good.

Amanda and Josh

Josh headed back to Atlanta without Amanda a few weeks ago, but their separation was brief. Of course, the rumors started flying that the couple had broken up. One check of their Snapchat accounts shows them enjoying some time in the sun in Mexico. It appears to be a trip just for the love-birds — Amanda’s kids are not with them.

However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about the girls — they mention them often — and they are definitely talking about having kids together. Josh’s recent Snapchat story shows the couple having a discussion about the sexes of their future children; just to avoid rumors, Josh confirmed that Amanda is not pregnant. Not yet, at least.

Do you think all three couples will get married before the next season of Bachelor in Paradise airs in summer 2017?

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