Cam Newton Shuts Down Postgame Press Conference, Gets Trolled On Social Media

Cam Newton was in no mood to speak with the press following the North Carolina Panthers’ (1-5) disheartening loss to the New Orleans Saints (2-3) earlier today. For the Panthers, today’s game was more than just a typical Sunday on the gridiron. This game sealed their fate for the 2016-2017 football season.

According to the Washington Post, the Panthers’ chances of making the playoffs are “effectively over,” and even Cam’s return won’t make much of a difference. The daunting reality means the Super Bowl 50 contenders have absolutely no chance of making an appearance in the championship game in 2017. So, when Cam Newton was asked to speak at the postgame press conference, his reaction to the media was quite similar to his response following the Panthers’ loss at Super Bowl 50. He had no patience for the media.

According to, Cam appeared before tons of reports after the 41-38 loss. As expected, Cam was asked a few questions about the game, but he wasn’t thrilled about offering any explanations for the loss. A number of times, Cam could be seen rolling his eyes and sighing before answering a question. His answers were also brief and straight to the point.

When asked why he didn’t carry the ball or run it, he responded by saying, “Just doing what I’m asked to do.”

Then, one reporter asked Cam how it felt to be stuck on the sideline while the team’s fate is sealed. That’s when Cam had visibly had enough. The frustrated quarterback stood from his seat and walked off without so much as a backward glance.

As expected, Cam has become a major topic of discussion on social media. While some have called Cam Newton a sore loser, others categorize his emotional response as something else — human. Although is an NFL star in the public eye, he’s still a human being, and deep down inside, no one likes to lose. Nevertheless, Twitter users couldn’t care less. Many of them only noticed how seemingly unprofessional Cam’s actions were. So, of course, they wasted no time slamming him on the social network. As with Super Bowl 50, Cam is now the face of comical memes highlighting his alleged lack of sportsmanship.

Cam Newton’s latest temper tantrum follows a string of other reports about the quarterback losing his cool. A couple of weeks ago, reports surfaced about a lawsuit filed against Cam on Sept. 15. According to ESPN, he is being sued for damages to a Beverly Hills mansion he rented for 61 days after the Super Bowl.

For those who don’t know, Cam spent months in Los Angeles filming his Nickelodeon series All in With Cam Newton, which debuted in June. However, the lawsuit suggests filming wasn’t all Cam Newton did while in LA. Court documents released by TMZ revealed Cam was being sued for $270,324.47, including $180,000 in lost rent while repairs were being made, plus legal costs. It has been reported that Cam agreed to abide by certain rules while residing in the home. In the lawsuit, Jared Pobre, the luxury rental property manager, detailed the damages found inside the $11 million home after Cam Newton’s stay.

“Pobre says in the suit that, after Newton moved out, he had to replace a rug valued at $32,930.48 that had been stained. Among the other costs he listed were: destroyed bath towels and linens, damaged toilets and water damage to wood floors, damage to the walls entering the kitchen and stains in the driveway.”

The amount requested includes the cost of repairs and lost rent. Since the home could not be rented during the months it was being repaired, the financial loss amounts to a reported $72,000 a month. Cam was reportedly asked to pay for the damages, and when he did not, Pobre took legal action. His attorney, Richard K. Howell, explained how Pobre only wants Cam to take responsibility for the home since he was staying there.

“We’re expecting Cam Newton to be held accountable for actions for damages he caused,” Howell said.

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[Featured Image by Sean Gardner/Getty Images]