OS X Tablet: Will Apple Finally Release One In 2017?

As The Inquisitr reported a couple days back, there is a lot of excitement over the MacBook Pro, which could be announced by the end of October. However, as iTech Post indicates, there is a possibility of Apple releasing the next MacBook with Apple Pencil support.

"Apple fans are now excited for the new 2017 MacBook that is rumored to be released with amazing specs and features... Rumors have it that its design will be different from the original MacBook and the 2016 MacBook in terms of color options, which added Rose Gold to the existing Gold, Silver and Space Grey options of the 2015 MacBook."
The best news is that it's possible that the MacBook will add Apple Pencil support. If that happens, the MacBook will be an OS X tablet of sorts, even if the screen doesn't fold all the way back. There is a lot of excitement for a possible MacBook tablet on Twitter.
The MacBook, which some believe has replaced the MacBook Air, has been a somewhat polarizing device. However, most believe that it does represent the future of computing (especially with its USB-C port). It has received some good reviews, but not overall raves. Laptop Magazine gave the MacBook three-and-a-half stars.
"The 2016 MacBook is certainly an improvement over its predecessor. It's significantly faster, especially if you opt for the Core m5 model, and it lasts an hour longer on a charge, all while being extremely portable."

Apple MacBook
Does Apple's MacBook represent the future of computing? [Image by Daryl Deino]

However, reviewer Mark Spoonauer adds that for that kind of money [$1,299 for cheapest version], he would really like to plug in a power cable and a second device without a dongle. Spoonauer also believes that anything in the MacBook price range should be able to power two external monitors.

Tech Radar gives Apple's extremely thin notebook four stars.

"Apple has given the MacBook's performance a much-needed boost, and it helps OS X zip along much better. Its critical flaws remain, but the 2016 version is less of a risk than it was last year. We just wish it was a bit cheaper," says critic Kane Fulton, adding that the single USB-C port, the lack of price cut, and the controversial "Butterfly" keyboard are also negatives.

Slash Gear says that in 2016, the MacBook is still a very controversial device.

"More than a year after it first launched, the MacBook Retina is still one of the most divisive of Apple's products. Now, in its 2016 refresh, it finds itself in a replay of many of those initial complaints: just one port; a processor chosen for being humble; and a variety of other compromises in the name of keeping a waif-like form factor. Has Apple's stubbornness damned its premium ultraportable in the process?"

Apple MacBook
2016's MacBook is an improvement from the original one released in 2015. [Image by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]

The article adds that despite getting a slight CPU bump as well as a bump in graphics, you still can't expect to depend on the MacBook to do really powerful tasks. Hopefully, most people who buy the MacBook realize this. Perhaps the next version that may offer LTE and Apple Pencil support will be different.

Currently, only the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch versions of the iPad Pro support the Apple Pencil, which is considered really impressive by most users. The problem is that despite Apple's insistence that the iPad Pro can replace your laptop, most critics and users agree it can't. With sales decreasing for Apple's iPad line, it would be a great time for a MacBook tablet. Expect to hear about Apple's possible OS X tablet device really soon.

[Featured Image by Daryl Deino]