Ji Chang Wook Nude Shower Fight Scene Causes Trouble For ‘The K2’- Will The Korean Drama Get Cancelled? [Video]

Ji Chang Wook’s nude shower fight scene in the Korean drama The K2 has caught the attention of the Korean Communications Standards Commission. The organization, more commonly known as the Korean Censorship Board, has reprimanded the action KDrama for one of its scenes.

In the scene, K2 star Ji Chang Wook gets into a fight with a group of men in a shower. All of the men, including Chang Wook, appear to be nude, but their genitals are blurred out. That last fact didn’t seem to matter to the Korean Communications Standards Commission. The Commission stated that the drama series had violated Article 27, Clause 5 of the Broadcasting Deliberation Regulation and reprimanded the show for containing content that did not suit a family show, especially one that’s in the 8:00 p.m time slot, according to Itech Post. The Commission also strongly recommended that The K2 refrain from showing scenes like this in the future.

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The K2 wasn’t the only show that was under fire from the censorship board. Our Gap Soon also had one of its scenes reviewed by the Commission, according to Soompi.

In Our Gap Soon, the eyebrow raising scene shows the lead character Shin Gap-soon and her male co-star Heo Gap-dol getting into a tense arguent. The reason that the scene was deemed controversial is because at one point, Gap-Dol pushes the resisting Gap-soon against a wall and kisses her.

According to Soompi, The Korean Communications Standards Commission convened to deem whether this was a “portrayal of dating violence” and violated the Broadcasting Deliberation Regulation 27, Clause Five on the Maintenance of Dignity, as well as Article 30, Clause 2 or Gender Equality. They eventually ruled that it was not in breach of those clauses, and unlike The K2, Our Gap Soon was not slapped with a violation from the censorship board.

Although both of these scenes were brought to the attention of the KCSC, neither The K2 nor Our Gap Soon will be forced to cancel the rest of their seasons, which is really good news for The K2.

The suggestive scenes have not negatively affected the ratings of the show so far. The K2 is still consistently garnering a sizable portion of the audience in its weekend time slot. For the weekend of October 8, Itech Post reports that The K2 got over six percent of the viewing audience based on figures provided by ABG Nielsen. These numbers allowed the show to maintain its dominance over other KDramas that air on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm.


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In The K2, Ji Chang Wook plays a bodyguard who is a former soldier previously abandoned by his fellow army colleagues and society at large. Chang Wook’s character works for and protects a presidential candidate’s wife named Jang Se-Joon (Cho Seong-Ha), who happens to also be the the daughter of a high-society couple.The show also stars Yoona, who plays the presidential candidate’s reclusive secret daughter.

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