Amber Rose: White Privilege Gives Donald Trump Licence To Sexual Misconduct

Amber Rose is not going to keep shut when it comes to Donald Trump’s abusive language against women.

Rose was absolutely ruthless when it came to talking against Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct with several women.

Instead of outrightly condemning Trump, Rose tried to get into the reasons behind Trump’s misconduct. She summed it up pretty aptly when she said that Trump wants entitlement. And this comes from the fact that he’s white and rich. This leads to an assumption on his part that he can get intimate with pretty much any woman he wants, Us Weekly has reported.


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“This is definitely not me sticking up for Donald Trump at all, [but] I do feel like, based on his age, where he came from, the fact that he grew up with a lot of money and a lot of entitlement, that’s probably all he knows,” Rose, 32, said on Friday, October 14. “White, privileged, older, f—–g rich as f–k. ‘I can touch anybody’s p—y I want, I’m Donald Trump. Who the hell is ever going to say no?'”

She went on to say that the reason women feel hesitant about coming out and talking about sexual abuse is because they are terrified. Of course, Amber Rose didn’t hold back when it came to using expletives for Trump.

“I feel like if Donald Trump — if I was just a regular girl, before I became an activist — came and touched my vagina, I would be scared to tell someone. I would be terrified. I would be like, ‘Donald Trump literally just touched my vagina. Who the f–k do I call? Do I call 9-1-1? Do I call the cop that lives in my neighborhood? Who do I contact? Do I get online and put it on Twitter?'”

She also touched upon the subject of blaming the victim when there is a sexual misconduct allegation. “How do I go about it [so] people literally wouldn’t say, ‘You’re f—–g lying. Donald Trump is a millionaire. He doesn’t have to touch your vagina without consent. He could literally f–k whoever he wants.'”

Signing the wall of NO SHAME #amberroseslutwalk ????

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The model went on to say that calling the victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual assault at the second presidential debate was wrong too. “[That’s] slut-shaming and victim-blaming at the same time,” she said.

Amber Rose has been touted as a feminist and she has repeatedly spoken up for women’s rights. She is the author of the book How to Be a Bad Bitch and is also involved in SlutWalk.

If there is someone who knows about slut shaming, it’s her. She said that she has been judged several times about the way she dresses and people assume she has slept with several men. Rose goes on to say that she has embraced the labels she has been given. She said: “Being slut-shamed for being who you are is just not fair. You should live your life to the fullest and do anything and everything that you want and not care about anyone’s opinion,” Time has reported.

“I feel like so many girls go through that in the world that are not even famous and in high school, college, or just because they’re very comfortable in their sexuality that they’re just having random sex partners every day. That’s not the case sometimes and sometimes it is, but guess what? You can do whatever you want with your body.”

Amber not only stands up for women’s rights but also for those of the LGBT community and is a big advocate of safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness.

It looks like Amber Rose certainly knows what she wants. Tell us what you think about Amber Rose’s brand of feminism in the space below.

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