‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13: Could Izzie Stevens Be Returning?

As Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy continues to air each week, many fans share the same unlikely desires – that George O'Malley or Derek Shepherd are somehow going to miraculously rise from the dead. The question is – would you settle for Izzie Stevens? After all, this is a character who would be much easier for Shonda Lynn Rhimes to write back into the script.

According to Refinery 29, Grey's Anatomy fans are starting to speculate whether or not Izzie Stevens could be written back into the show before Season 13 comes to a close.

It was Cosmopolitan who first speculated that Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy appears to be setting things up for the return of Katherine Heigl's Izzie Stevens. Izzie is one of the few original Grey's Anatomy characters who can be written back into the show as she is one of the few characters who wasn't written out of the show by death.

According to Refinery 29, the character Izzie was written out of the show when Heigl asked if she could be released from her contract early because she and Rhimes were starting to clash. The clashing was believed to be the result of Heigl claiming to not receive any meaty materials in the show after getting an Emmy in 2008.

The biggest argument Grey's Anatomy fans have regarding why it makes sense for Izzie Stevens to be written back into the show is because Alex Karev is continuing to become more and more important in the show. As Izzie's former husband, it just makes sense. Karev, played by Justin Chambers, is also currently working in the clinic that Izzie funded setting up. So, Season 13 would be an ideal time for the showdown most Grey's Anatomy fans have been waiting for ever since Izzie Stevens sent Karev divorce papers. Will fans finally get the closure on the relationship between Stevens and Karev that they have been hoping for?

It is, however, important to keep in mind that Heigl is currently expecting a baby boy. Refinery 29 points out the fact that she is pregnant may not put returning to Grey's Anatomy for Season 13 simply because the timing makes sense and fans really want it to happen may not be her top priority at the moment.

Still, it would be wise for Grey's Anatomy fans to not underestimate the power Shonda has to get things done when she wants the plot line of the show to go a certain way. If there is anything fans of Grey's Anatomy have learned as the show progresses through Season 13, it is that Rhimes has a knack for making things happen in order to get killer ratings.

Naturally, all Grey's Anatomy fans who loved the Izzie and Alex relationship would flip over the chance to see the two back in the series together. The question is – what would Izzie returning to the show really do to Alex? More importantly, how would Alex Karev handle the sudden return of Izzie? How would the characters who never got a chance to meet Izzie handle her coming back into the show? How do you think Miranda or Meredith would feel about it?

Both Heigl and Rhimes have hinted to Grey's Anatomy fans that they were thinking about bringing Izzie back into the show again in the past. The question is – why not do it now? Wouldn't now make a perfect time for the return of Izzie Stevens? Would she come back as a guest appearance in one show or would she be returning as a main character? Only time will tell!

How do you feel about the thought of Izzie Stevens returning to Grey's Anatomy in Season 13? Do you think it would be a good idea? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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