Grant Kemp And Lace Morris Update: How Are The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Lovebirds Doing Now?

Grant Kemp and Lace Morris got engaged during the Season 3 finale of Bachelor in Paradise and the two are still going strong. “Grace” may have had their rocky moments while they were filming together in Mexico, but it looks like they’ve proven the skeptics wrong so far and are doing really well together. What’s the latest from these lovebirds?

As People noted at the time of the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Lace Morris has moved from Denver, Colorado where she had been living and she is now in San Francisco, California with Grant Kemp. The two have been virtually inseparable since the finale aired, and they seem to be doing really well in California together. While they have not revealed a wedding date yet, an insider told People a while back that they wanted to tie the knot fairly soon.

Grant and Lace were back in Denver a couple of weeks ago for an engagement party, and the Bachelor in Paradise stars shared quite a few posts via social media during the party. This one had its wild moments from the looks of things, and the lovebirds clearly had a blast with her family and friends.

The Bachelor franchise fans who are watching Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell on Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? will see Kemp and Morris pop up in a future episode alongside Chris Soules as the crew tackles a camping trip, and it is clear that Grant and Lace have settled into a comfortable routine in San Francisco. They take in various sporting events together and seem to have some hot rooftop gatherings with friends, and she recently spent some time with him and Kemp’s “Pops.”

Grant and Lace have done some events together, including a stop at his high school alma mater for homecoming this past weekend. Morris has made it clear that she is still loyal to her Colorado sports teams, but another recent Instagram post showcased her view from her new abode in San Francisco and she does now call the place home.

The early days of this Bachelor in Paradise relationship had its rocky moments, and some fans may have been a bit skeptical when they heard that Grant and Lace were engaged. Gossip guru Reality Steve revealed plenty of juicy tidbits about Kemp’s past romantic escapades during JoJo Fletcher’s Bachelorette season, and some wondered if Morris was making a mistake in getting engaged to him. However, at least for now, she seems quite happy and content.

Three couples left Mexico engaged during Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise and all three pairs are still together and engaged now. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are living together in Nashville, Tennessee, and the two have clearly become a favorite with fans. In addition, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are still together and are still living in California with her daughters, and by all accounts, they seem to be happy and doing well too.

So far, none of these Bachelor in Paradise couples have shared any specifics about wedding plans. All three maintain that they are headed in that direction, but nobody has nailed down a date as far as they have shared publicly. When spoilers first started emerging about these Season 3 engagements, many fans were skeptical that any of the relationships would survive for long. It hasn’t been all that long since the pairs could go public, but so far, things look good on all fronts.

Could all three of these relationships manage to last? It is too soon to tell, but Bachelor in Paradise fans are thrilled that so far, so good. Grant Kemp and Lace Morris certainly appear to be happy and doing well and they have avoided negative rumors like Josh and Amanda have faced. Could “Grace” end up proving their early doubters wrong and end up getting hitched?

[Featured image by Lace Morris’ Instagram]