Brandi Glanville Swears Off Men, Says It’s Time To Be A Lesbian Again

Brandi Glanville is swinging both ways when it comes to being a lesbian. The back-and-forth Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum has hit social media to reveal that she is sick of men and their games. Glanville tweeted that she's "back to being a lesbian again" because all guys suck.

While Brandi's tweet didn't come with any details, she posted some telling comments before her announcement. Glanville wrote that sexual chemistry with an ex-lover is not enough reason to stay together, and she told all crazy ex-girlfriends to stay out of her way. Sounds like there was some sort of trouble in Brandi's paradise, either from an ex-boyfriend or a crazed ex -girlfriend.
Brandi Glanville has been decidedly undecided on her bisexual tendencies. In a 2014 interview with Huff Post Live, Brandi said she is not a lesbian.

"I don't swing both ways," Glanville explained. "I've been with women and usually there's a man involved. I have a couple times been with women where it was just us...I love beautiful people and if you're a man you're a man, if you're a woman you're a woman. I'm not a lesbian and I'm not straight."

Glanville went on to say she has only indulged in threesomes a few times in her life and that it's not something she had ever planned to do. Brandi says she never plans same-sex sexcapades but that sometimes things just happen.

"If it happens it happens," Brandi said. "That's not something that you plan for. I feel like it has to be organic."

Back in her Real Housewives days, Brandi famously made out with castmate Carlton Gebbia in a hot tub. According to Us Weekly, Glanville later detailed the steamy kiss on her blog for Bravo, revealing that she had no intention of starting a lesbian relationship with Carlton or anyone else because she had tried it before and it didn't pan out.

"I love beautiful women, and Carlton is one of them," Glanville clarified in her post. "However, neither one of us are lesbians. I have actually tried to be, but it just didn't work out for me."

Brandi went on to admit that she is "easily distracted by lingerie" and is "quite obsessed with it and all other things sexy and girly." She went on to praise Gebbia's body and described the mom of three as "fun, playful, and non-judgmental."

While Brandi Glanville has been back and forth on her lesbian status, there were recent rumors that she hooked up with celebrity chef Cat Cora. Page Six reported that Brandi had a full-on fling with the judge of the upcoming cooking competition series My Kitchen Rules. Insiders said the alleged fling lasted for about two weeks before Glanville ended it because she didn't want to be in a serious relationship with a woman.
Brandi Glanville has had an active dating life since her split from Eddie Cibrian, her husband of nine years, in 2010, and she has also detailed some of her dating adventures in her tell-all book Drinking and Dating. Brandi has been linked with everyone from comedian Theo Von to model Calum Best, and before she married Cibrian she even had a short fling with a then-unknown Ben Stiller. Glanville has even dated her Uber driver in recent months, although she told E! Online she stopped seeing him because he drinks and drives.

Take a look at the video below to see Brandi Glanville talking about dating and her time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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