WWE News: WWE Supestar Finn Balor’s Rehab Is Going Perfectly, Will Be Back Much Earlier Than Anticipated

It seemed like WWE Superstar Finn Balor could do no wrong when he first hit the main roster as part of WWE RAW. He would beat Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins on the way being the first person to ever hold the WWE Universal Championship, but on the same night he won, tragedy struck. Rollins would powerbomb Balor into the barricade during the match, where Balor would land the move awkwardly. This led to his shoulder going out of place.

Finn Balor is too tough to let that phase him, he did work in Japan for years of course. He would end up putting his shoulder back into place and finish the match. You couldn’t even tell he was hurt throughout, which was amazing to see looking back on this great match between the two men. The issue was that during the injury, he suffered torn labrum and would also have other injuries on top of it. This would reportedly put Finn out for around six to eight months, depending on recovery.

WWE officials were hopeful that he would be back in time for WrestleMania 33, but they didn’t want to get too overjoyed and work on storylines for him if they didn’t know he would be around for the major event. Balor has been working hard to get back, and it is now confirmed by Ringside News that he is progressing quite well and an early return is looking very likely. He has been working hard under the care of both the WWE Performance Center and Dr. Jeffery Dugas out of Birmingham, Alabama. He is part of Dr. James Andrews’ staff of doctors.

Finn Balor injury
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Clearly Finn Balor is getting the best of the best when it comes to medical care, so coming back early due to that is certainly not crazy to see. The wonder is simply when he’ll make his way back to the WWE. Sure, he’s already ahead of expectations and WWE feels he’ll be ready to go before too long. However, when will he make his way back to the WWE?

The expectation is that he’ll be back by WWE Royal Rumble. It would make sense for him to show up there and be part of the Royal Rumble match, which would be a nice shock for people similar to returns from the past. The Rumble is going to take place at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. The WWE wants this to be a big event, which means they want to have several big names make their return during the event.

There are rumors of The Undertaker, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels all returning to take part in the event simply to give it a bigger feel. Since all men live in Texas and have been billed from there for some time, it makes sense that WWE would want them there. Undertaker’s return is up in the air, but if he was on deck to return in 2017 he wouldn’t make his way back until near WrestleMania 33. Meanwhile Shawn Michaels has claimed he was retired, so taking part in another match of any kind might go against what he feels is right.

Finn Balor WWE RAW
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Obviously guys like HBK are more than capable of performing, but he wanted to be serious about his retirement and not be one of the guys who retires a dozen times. Of course, WWE has used in every other way possible since then. Austin, if healthy, may have no problem in returning. However, it is unknown. He has won three Rumble matches though, so he certainly would come off as a threat. However, if Finn Balor makes his return at the event then one would imagine that he was going to win the entire thing.

What is also interesting about the event is that WWE is now claiming the winner will be part of a WWE World Title match of their choosing, but no longer claims that winner will be the main event of WrestleMania. That said, we all assume that the winner will main event the show but they have not several times over the last number of years. WWE does not want to feel trapped by having that additional stipulation so do not expect Finn Balor to main event WrestleMania if he does win the Rumble match, despite how cool that might be.

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