'Fairy Tail' Manga Chapter 506: Marakov’s Sacrifice Unites Natsu And Gray, But Drives Mavis Towards Frenzied Vengeance? [Spoilers]

Fairy Tail Chapter 506, titled "Broken Bonds," is packed with multiple events that could redefine where the popular Japanese manga is headed.

[Warning: Fairy Tail Chapter 505 spoilers and 506 speculations are ahead]

Fans of Fairy Tail manga had expected chapter 505 to finally confirm Natsu's transformation into Etherious Natsu Dragneel or E.N.D., and how the battle between the protagonist and Gray Fullbuster ended. Instead, mangaka Hiro Hashima shifted the focus entirely to the intense battle between the Fairy Tail Guild and the combined forces of the Alvarez Empire and the Spriggan 12.

The battle, which was too much for the members of the Guild, was ended by Makarov, who used the powerful "Fairy Law" spell to annihilate the enemy's entire battalion. Unfortunately, the price of casting the spell is very heavy. It removes a certain amount from the caster's life span, and furthermore, the severity of the erosion is multiplied with the number of targets to be affected by the spell. In other words, the spell causes damage to the user in proportion to the enemy it affects.
Given the strength of the Alvarez Empire's army, the toll of Fairy Law was too heavy for old Makarov, whose lifeless body was seen in the previous chapter. Afterwards, Mavis is seen confronting Irene as the Guild members continue to discuss the power of the spell that was casted by Makarov. It is possible Mavis would decide to avenge Makarov's death, reported The BitBag.


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While there was some doubt about the aged leader's death, Fairy Tail Chapter 506 is expected to confirm Marakov's ultimate sacrifice. However, with their beloved master gone, what will the mages do to ensure his supreme sacrifice to save them, doesn't go in vain?

Earlier chapters revealed Gray and Natsu Dragneel were just about to engage in an epic confrontation, right after the latter's transformation. However, Makarov's passing caused a powerful vibe that the two feel. It was speculated that Gray and Natsu would cease to fight and unite to jointly confront Zeref. However, chapter 506 shows the duo engaged in battle, even as Natsu continues to gradually transform into a demon. But their fight could cease because Erza rushes to stop them both. Fans are confident that the duo will stop.

It is quite likely that Gray fails to stop Natsu, reports GamenGuide. Gray has been bestowed with the responsibility of slaying demons. The attack of Etherious Deliora when he was younger affected him deeply, and subsequently the role of demon slayer was passed onto him. It is possible that the battle between Natsu and Gray will continue for a while as the duo will slowly work through their issues and differences, which has already started to affect other members of the Fairy Tail Guild.

However, if the two manage to settle their scores without one destroying the other, Natsu's sole intention of destroying Zeref could be expedited. Moreover, if Erza does manage to talk some sense into Natsu, who is increasingly becoming consumed and blinded by his sole mission of destroying Zeref, then the duo could immediately cease their battle to help the remaining members of the Guild defeat the last few standing soldiers of the Alvarez Empire and the Spriggan 12.

Though Makarov did try his best to wipe out the enemy's entire army, it is speculated about 20 percent of the soldiers are still alive and continue to give the Guild members a hard time. As such, Natsu and Gray's combined efforts could help the struggling fighters easily gain an upper hand in the battle that hereto seemed impossible to win.

Will Natsu and Gray rise above their personal concerns and fight together? With no soldiers left to command, will Irene herself take on Mavis and the other Fairy Tail Guild members? The upcoming chapter 506 of Fairy Tail manga may answer these questions

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