Man Saves Dog From Imaginary Fire — Big Thanks To LSD

He's the hero we all need — the hero we're not ready to receive. So valiant, even imaginary flames couldn't stop this rescue.

In Halfmoon, New York, 43-year-old Michael Orchard was not going to allow his neighbor's dog to burn. While other neighbors wouldn't offer him any "help," he took matters into his own hands.

According to WNYT-13 News, Orchard thought one of his neighbors' house was a blazing inferno. He went door-to-door asking for help throughout the community. To no avail, people saw the delirious countenance of Orchard and gave a prompt, "No."

Yet, as mentioned, Michael wasn't going to just sit back and allow the neighbor's dog to burn to a crisp.

"He believed that the residence was on fire and he was rescuing the dog," mentions State Trooper Mark Cepiel.

Use The BMW, It's Okay

Tired of the nonsense, Michael Orchard hopped in his BMW and plowed through the neighbor's fence.

Once through the fence, this brave heart got out of the car and smashed his way through their back door, "saving" the large white dog inside the house.

The source notes that, by the time authorities found him, he was "standing heroically with a dog in his arms outside of what he thought was a giant inferno."

You can't make this stuff up.

Luckily, the dog was returned back to the owners unharmed.

Not Just Cough Syrup

When police arrived, the source says that Orchard was fully cooperative. He told them he had mixed cough syrup with LSD.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Orchard has been destructive towards his neighbors' properties. The source mentions that several community members note he has damaged some of their properties in the past as well.

Yet, they didn't want to reveal their identities on camera. According to the source, they're afraid of any type of neighborhood retribution.

However, surprisingly, Michael Orchard didn't receive a drug charge from officers. Instead, he was charged with the following:

  • second degree burglary
  • third degree criminal mischief
He was placed in Saratoga County jail on a $15,000 bail.
When authorities were asked why they didn't include a drug charge for the apparent LSD high, they gave the following answer.
"He drove over yards and through the fence. At no point was he on the roadway and no illegal substances were found in his possession."
If you're interested in the video report, it's located below.

Yes, LSD Will Make You Hallucinate And Much More

While it's not always about tales of heroic gestures, LSD has been known to do a lot more to its victims.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), LSD doesn't offer any type of medical usage within the United States and is purely a hallucinogen.

Currently, it's a Schedule I drug — which means it has the highest possibility for abuse, along with other drugs within the same category.

As for effects, the fact sheet mentions that — within the first hour — users will experience extreme mood changes, accompanied by visual imagery.

The source notes that LSD users are susceptible to personal injury because they no longer can make "sound judgments" or "see common dangers."

Also, other affects include depth and time perception distortions.

In addition, other distortions are movement, color, shape, touch, as well as sound.

If you've never seen LSD trips, please know that they're usually serious business. Not all cases end as calmly and cooperative as Michael Orchard's.

Fortunately for this man, police apprehended him without an issue. There's no word pertaining to his release.

However, he definitely has time to think about his actions, right?

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

[Featured Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images ; Saratoga County Jail]