How Long Sheldon And Amy Will Keep Living Together On 'The Big Bang Theory,' According To The Show's Executive Producer

It has taken Sheldon and Amy many years to engage in any kind of intimacy on The Big Bang Theory. They copulated for the first time last season, and last week, chose to move in together after Amy's apartment became uninhabitable. While it's already Season 10 for The Big Bang Theory, this is the first time the living arrangements in that Glendale apartment building have really changed. Even after Leonard and Penny got married, she kept her place across the hall, and most scenes involved the adjacent apartments and the hallway in between.

But as of last week, it's Sheldon and Amy who have taken up residence in Penny's pastel-colored bedroom, while the married couple are staying up late to enjoy their new freedom without the quirky theoretical physicist. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Steven Molaro revealed that despite Amy's initial frustrations, the living arrangements won't be returning to normal anytime soon. Fans can expect several more episodes with "Shamy" as roommates, even inviting friends over for brunch.

"It begins as a five-week experiment on the show, so [it will last] at least for that long. But what's great is it also functions as a creative experiment for us on the writing side.

"The beauty of Sheldon and Amy is so much is new to them. Even small, simple things like having people over for brunch for the first time can be an adventure. Which, incidentally, is something we will be exploring."

Being sociable hosts could pose a challenge for Amy and in particular Sheldon, who had to be prodded by his mother to offer a hot beverage to a hurting guest in an earlier season. Years later, it's his main courtesy for people who come over. The couple's first night, as shown in last week's episode, was anything but pleasant for Amy, who dealt with a Sheldon who made strange noises and talked in his sleep.As for Penny and Leonard, Molaro says there is no chance that the couple will consider becoming parents in the near future. In the collection of character experiences on The Big Bang Theory, Howard and Bernadette already have that covered. While Raj may seem to be getting a little too close for comfort to Bernadette and Howard during her pregnancy, Molaro says that's not likely to change either.
"I think Raj does a good job of filling in the gaps Howard has in the husband department. So having him around and invested may be as helpful as it is weird."
Vulture gave the cohabitation episode a positive review, rating it four stars out of five, after being less-than-enthusiastic about the previous two installments of the aging series. Writer Kimberly Potts predicted that the new living arrangements may last longer than currently planned by Amy and Sheldon.
"Sheldon likes living with Amy, a fact that will probably surprise him at the end of the five weeks, and one that, just guessing, might lead him to suggest it become a permanent arrangement."
After all, Sheldon was able to sleep -- even if Amy wasn't -- and their fight the morning after led them to engage in a make out session in their new digs.Caroline Preece of Den of Geek was also ready to make some predictions around Sheldon and Amy, writing that Season 10 will not only be the show's last, but that it will end with an engagement. Preece also credited "Shamy" with bringing energy to the show which is not only one of the few in history to go past 200 episodes, but is shown daily in reruns across many markets.
"If the relationship between Sheldon and Amy hadn't worked, then I'd wager that this would be a poorer show. That dynamic forced it to become about something a bit more than 'nerds doing nerdy things', and for better or worse it prolonged its creative life."
New episodes of The Big Bang Theory currently air Monday nights on CBS.

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