Jo Jung Suk - Five Facts New Korean Drama Fans Should Know About The 'Jealousy Incarnate' Star

Jo Jung Suk's Jealousy Incarnate (Dare To Dream) is becoming more and more popular. As the Inquisitr previously reported, a recent kiss scene in the show garnered 15 percent of the audience share, according to ABG Nielsen. While other shows broadcast by The Seoul Broadcasting System have been tanking, Jealousy Incarnate's ratings have consistently remained in the double digits.

This rise in popularity means more publicity for the star of the show Jo Jung Suk. So, we thought we'd compile some fun facts about the actor for Hallyu fans who may be new to this handsome leading man.

He's in a relationship with Kpop singer, Gummy

Sorry single ladies. Jo Jung Suk is in a relationship with a Korean singer known as Gummy.

Jo Jung Suk and Gummy have been in a relationship for the past three years, and there are rumors that the two entertainers have plans to get married.

As All Kpop reports, Jong Suk was asked about the marriage rumors at an April press conference for his film, Time Renegade.

"I'm at the age, but I don't think we have the time right now. We're going to marry for sure, but I think it's not the time," the actor said. "She's also very busy, and I'm pretty busy myself."

Whether they get married or not, Gummy's mother already gave her impression of what Jo Jung Suk would be like as a son-in-law, Kpop Music reports.

"Jo Jung Suk has a perfect score as a potential son-in-law," she said on an episode of Happy Together on KBS. "Gummy is already past the age for marriage, which is why I hope that she would get married soon."


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Jo Jung Suk started his acting career in musical theater

As Soompi reports, Jong Suk first became well known for his performances in musical productions like Hedwig, Grease, and Blood Brothers. According to Kdrama Stars, Jo Jung Suk has acted in more than 25 musicals in the course of his career. What's more, he's not just good at singing, he can also play guitar and dance too.

He is not a talented cook, though

Even though he has a lot of musical talent, Jo Jung Suk has previously admitted that he isn't very good in the kitchen. As Kdrama Stars reported at the time, during an interview for the film My Love My Bride his co-star actress Shin Min Ah asked him about his cooking skills.

"I can't cook," he confessed. But he added that if he got married that he would try to learn how to be a good husband by doing laundry, cleaning, and learning how to cook.

Jo Jung Suk got his big onscreen break in 2011.

Jung Suk made the transition from musical productions to television in a Korean drama series called What's Up? in 2011, an article on Drama Fever says.

He also had a major role in the 2012 drama series The King 2 Hearts.

His career on the big screen really kicked off with a role in Architecture 101, a 2012 film that follows the story of two architecture students who meet in an introductory class and fall in love. They eventually lose touch with each other, but 15 years later, the girl finds her first love and requests that he helps her construct her dream home.

He's going to be in a film called Hyung opposite D.O a star Korean singer.

In the upcoming film Hyung, Jo Jung Suk will play D.O's character's older brother who just happens to be a notorious swindler. According to All Kpop, Park Shin Hye could make a cameo during the film. The movie will premiere in November.

[Featured Image by Seoul Broadcasting System]