Live Stream: Huge Donald Trump Rally In Green Bay, Wisconsin — Two Days Before Final Debate, Trump Hits Paul Ryan Country

Donald Trump takes the Trump Train to Green Bay, Wisconsin, for a huge rally Monday, and a live stream of that event — where Trump, as always, is expected to do the unexpected — can be viewed below, on this page.

The live stream, courtesy of the site Right Side Broadcasting, is set to begin sometime soon before Trump takes the stage at the KI Convention Center in the middle of downtown Green Bay on Monday. Trump's appearance is scheduled for 6 p.m. Central Daylight Time — or 7 p.m. Eastern, 4 p.m. Pacific.

To watch the live stream of what promises to be another huge rally for Trump, click on the video below.

The rally comes just two days before the third and final presidential debate against Democrat Hillary Clinton — a debate that Trump absolutely must win if he plans to overcome Clinton's growing lead in the polls and turn the race in his favor with only about three weeks remaining before November 8, election day.

But rather than study and rehearse for the final debate, Trump is remaining on the campaign trail even as Clinton hunkers down to ready herself for the final showdown after making wide gains in polling after each of the first two debates.

A poll of Inquisitr readers after the second debate asking which candidate emerged the winner showed Trump a big favorite, 78 percent of those answering calling him the winner of the showdown. But that advantage was not reflected in subsequent national polling.

On September 21, five days before the first debate, Clinton held a 3.1 percentage point lead, according to the Huffington Post Pollster average of all polls. By October 1, five days after that initial debate, Clinton's lead had swelled to 5.7 points.

As of Sunday, October 16, Trump trails by a full six points in the HuffPo Pollster average — meaning that Trump needs to somehow win over the hearts and minds of American voters in a big way with his performance at the Las Vegas, Nevada, debate stage on Wednesday night.

Of course, the debate stage performances have been far from the only factor contributing to Trump's decline in the polls. The revelation on October 7 of a candid 2005 video on which Trump is heard making lewd and explicit remarks about women sent his campaign into defensive mode.

That was followed by a rapid-fire series of accusations from various women across the country who said that Trump has touched, grabbed, attacked or ogled them in a sexual manner without their consent.

Trump has denied all of the allegations, calling them "made up nonsense to steal the election."
The Republican candidate's appearance in Wisconsin could be an explosive one because Trump will be heading straight into the backyard of Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, who hails from that state and with whom Trump has been feuding.

After the 2005 tape of Trump bragging about how as "a star" he was able to grab women by their genitals or force his kisses on them with no consequences, Ryan reportedly told his fellow House Republicans that he would no longer defend Trump or make campaign appearances on his behalf — though Ryan stopped short of disavowing his earlier endorsement of Trump.

The Speaker, however, will not appear alongside Trump in Green Bay on Monday and in fact, will not even be in Wisconsin at the same time as Trump.

Trump responded by slamming Ryan for what Trump called "disloyalty."

The candidate on Sunday also spent some time responding to a Saturday Night Live sketch that poked fun at his performance in the second debate, a sketch in which actor Alec Baldwin portrayed Trump.

Watch that Saturday Night Live debate parody in the video below.

Trump was not amused, ripping the entire show as "boring and unfunny" and declaring that Baldwin's impression of him "stinks."

Trump will stay on the trail the following day, with two rallies scheduled in Colorado on Tuesday, just one day before his last-chance presidential debate against Clinton.

[Featured Image by Kena Betancur/Getty Images]