Jennifer Aniston Visits Selena Gomez In Rehab?

Jessica Dafoe

Jennifer Aniston has been a good friend to actress and singer Selena Gomez for a number of years. She has been there for the young beauty through some tough times and gave Selena solace following the split from Justin Bieber. The latest rumors claim that Aniston has been a form of support for Gomez while she has been suffering from depression and lupus. Gomez is said to be staying at a rehab center, and Aniston, 47, has reportedly dropped in to lift the 24-year-old's spirits.

An insider spoke about the visit by the Friends star.

"Selena's allowed a limited number of visitors a day, but she got the surprise of her life when Jen showed up. She's incredibly supportive of Selena and knows she must be feeling awful, getting caught up in the Brangelina divorce drama. Seeing Jen was exactly what Selena needed. She's so funny and sweet and she really cheered her up. Selena's been going through hell with anxiety and depression over her lupus and Jen wanted to let her know everyone was rooting for her. She even turned up with a card signed by all their friends back home in LA."

The ladies first hit it off after they met at a party back in December of 2014. Selena spoke about the connection she and Aniston had immediately and also mentioned the interests the two share. Celebs Now shares Gomez's words about her initial encounter with Aniston.

"We met through my management so it was kind of like a friendly meeting and instantly she's, like, inviting me to her house. She has a pizza oven. Like, we've made pizzas at her house. She's very cool and very sweet. She kind of gives me a lot of maternal advice."

Surely, Selena appreciates Aniston's support while she focuses on getting better. The star checked into a female-only retreat, which is Christian-based and on the East Coast, back in August after canceling her "Revival Tour," stating that she needed to "take a break."

— Hal Katkov (@haroldkatkov) October 15, 2016

Gomez released a statement to fans explaining her reasons for canceling the tour, and she received a massive outpouring of support and well-wishes.

"As many of you know, around a year ago I revealed that I have lupus, an illness that can affect people in different ways. I've discovered that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges. I want to be proactive and focus on maintaining my health and happiness and the best way forward is to take some time off."

Selena's stress level was likely not helped when she and Justin Bieber got into a feud over social media that swiftly caused Bieber to shut down his Instagram account to the dismay of millions of fans and beliebers around the world.

In addition, Gomez took the death of her close friend Christina Grimmie very hard, and most recently, Gomez has been dragged into the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce drama. How? Well, there have been rumors swirling that Angelina first became suspicious of Brad's possible affairs when she saw him flirting with Gomez at the Golden Globe Awards. Since her pal Jen was married to Brad prior to Angelina tying the knot with the Pitt, Selena likely took this outrageous rumor a bit hard.

— Morning News USA (@MorningNewsUSA) October 5, 2016

She has a great support system during a difficult time, it seems. Jennifer Aniston is certainly a good friend to have and to receive advice from when it comes to shrugging off the tabloid rumors as she has been one of the main subjects of tabloid rumors for years. Jen did, however, finally make her frustration known when she penned an essay in the Huffington Post criticizing the form of "journalism" that perpetuates lies about people who are in the public eye.

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