Horrific Video Captures Moment Driver Deliberately Runs Over Pedestrians In Road Rage Attack

A horrific video has been released that reveals a waiter deliberately running over two pedestrians in a heinous act of road rage.

The incident occurred in April on Frodingham Road in Scunthorpe. Mohammed Abdullah, 30, was recorded deliberately attempting to hit the two men. He nearly missed them during the vehicular attack and chose to reverse his car and run them over.

Both victims, Mark Thompson and Kevin Morson, were both critically injured in the attack. Each received multiple fractures, according to the Mirror. Neither has fully healed from the incident, and their future health is uncertain at this point in time.

Neither of the men seemed to do anything that deserved Abdullah's attention, let alone the hit-and-run to take place.

The incident began when Abdullah saw the two victims crossing the street after a night out drinking. Both men were in pleasant spirits and did nothing to encourage Abdullah's incident of road rage. However, the men were not crossing the street at an identified crossing area. Therefore, Abdullah chose to swerve his car toward the victims as though warning them that they were not crossing the street safely. However, his warning took a bizarre turn as he nearly missed the men and chose to back up and actually run them over, before driving off into the night.

Inside the court, Abdullah showed absolute remorse for his actions, according to Metro. As he sat in court, he sobbed as his actions were scrutinized.

Abdullah previously pleaded guilty to the crime and was just awaiting sentencing.

Judge Peter Kelson spoke to Abdullah during the sentencing, realizing that it was a case of a momentary lapse of judgment, blaming it all on a momentary instance of uncontrollable temper.

"This is, in your life, an isolated, albeit shocking, incident. It was one dreadful episode. It was one awful manoeuvre. You have lived, effectively, a law-abiding, constructive life as a family man but for 15 seconds of your life when you did this mad thing in a terrible temper."
Prosecutor Jeremy Evans recognized that Abdullah's actions were most likely started as a warning to the victims. However, it grew out of control when he deliberately reversed the car, lined it up to the victims, and drove backward over their bodies.
"This is nothing more, at this stage, than a road-rage spat. He had taken exception to two males that are crossing the road, safely but not at a crossing. He's going to give them a warning with his vehicle."

After the near miss, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Morson were upset and shouted at Abdullah for his attempted vehicular attack. It was that moment when Abdullah chose to take the issue further.

After leaving the scene of the crime, Abdullah chose to abandon his car, his keys, and even his cellular phone. He then made his way to the nearest public transportation depot and made his way home.

Although Abdullah showed complete remorse for his crime, he was willing to accept the consequences of his actions.

As punishment for the horrific hit and run, Abdullah was sentenced to 6 years in prison and is banned from driving for eight years. It is unknown if the two sentences will run concurrently.

Abdullah works as a waiter in a restaurant and is currently expecting his second child. Due to his sentencing, he will most likely miss the first years if his expected child's life.

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