Winners And Losers Of The Chicago Bulls' Swap With The Milwaukee Bucks

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Chicago Bulls were close to agreeing on a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks. In the trade, the Bulls would send swingman Tony Snell 90 miles north to the Bucks for point guard Michael Carter-Williams.

According to ESPN, the swap of Snell and Carter-Williams is now official. It is a trade that sees both the Bulls and Bucks moving players from the 2013 NBA draft.

Who were the winners and losers from the NBA trade between the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks? The Bulls and Bucks deal may seem like a small move right now, but it has the potential to have some lasting impressions.

Winner: Tony Snell

The Bulls seem to want to move on from Tony Snell a long time ago. Trading him only made sense. Were the Bulls hoping Snell would finally blossom? Yes!

The Bulls thought they had a shooter when they initially drafted Tony Snell out of the University of New Mexico. He was billed as a classic three-and-D player that teams around the NBA covet. Bulls fans only saw glimpses of what Snell could become. The Bulls were hoping for the second coming of former star Luol Deng, as did their fans. Snell never quite lived up to those expectations, although going to the Bucks gives him another chance.

The opportunity for Tony Snell to start that never presented itself with the Bulls will come with the Bucks. What Snell needed more than anything was consistent playing time. That was likely not going to come playing for the Bulls. Also, the Bucks are expected to begin talks with Snell about a contract extension once the trade is finalized.

Chicago Bulls' Tony Snell Dunks
Leaving the Chicago Bulls for the Milwaukee Bucks makes Tony Snell the biggest winner in the trade of 2013 NBA draft picks. [Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]

There is nothing like some long-term security. No way is Tony Snell a loser in the Bulls and Bucks swap. In the end, the now-former Bulls forward could be the biggest winner of them all.

Snell was never going to reach his ceiling with the Bulls. That should change with the Bucks.

Loser: Los Angeles Lakers

One of the more intriguing NBA rumors going around a couple of weeks ago was the one regarding the Los Angeles Lakers. According to Sportsrageous, the Lakers had an interest in acquiring Michael Carter-Williams from the Bucks.

Apparently, the Bucks and Lakers were discussing the prospects of swapping Carter-Williams for either Lou Williams or Nick Young and a second round draft pick. While the NBA rumors were picking up steam, what seemed as an inevitability became less likely to take place after each report.

The Lakers seemingly could have gotten from under the contracts of Williams or Young. Receiving Michael Carter-Williams would have given the Lakers a young point guard, with tremendous versatility and upside. Instead, the Lakers are stuck with older players. Lou Williams turns 30-years-old in just over a week. Nick Young is 31.

Loser: Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings were asked about Ben McLemore when a deal was discussed between them and the Milwaukee Bucks. It was reported by Real GM that the Kings balked at the idea of trading McLemore for Carter-Williams.

That is sensible if the Kings want to see what the fourth-year guard can do with yet another head coach. The problem is that the Kings would have been better served to cut bait. It would cost them a player they probably like, but they would have received a true point guard in the mold of former Kings' lead guard Rajon Rondo. It does not hurt that Michael Carter-Williams is six-foot-six.

There are questions regarding two of the Kings point guards. Darren Collison was suspended for eight games for a domestic violence offense. Recently signed guard Ty Lawson missed his flight (courtesy of ESPN) last Saturday night, casting some doubt about his status with the team.

Winner: Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have been fairly ambitious with their offseason moves. Some have questioned the Bulls for acquiring Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo, and Robin Lopez. There should be few complaints about the Bulls swap with the Bucks.

The original offseason plan was that the Bulls would get younger and more athletic. Neither from the trio of Wade, Rondo, and Lopez truly fit that description. Michael Carter-Williams does.

The Bulls receive a player with potential in Carter-Williams. Pairing him up with rookie shooting guard Denzel Valentine will make the Bulls' second unit huge in the backcourt. Add the emerging Spencer Dinwiddie to the mix, along with Doug McDermott, and the Bulls will have several interchangeable parts.

Eventually, another move could be made by the Bulls, but if they stand pat, they are a better team today than they were yesterday. The Bulls clearly won this trade.

Winner: Michael Carter-Williams

Some people will argue that Carter-Williams' lack of outside shooting makes him less desirable to the Bulls. He is a career 25 percent three-point shooter, yet that should not matter to Bulls fans. Carter-Williams has size and will have the luxury of what he has never had -- playing under hall of fame teammates.

Bucks' head coach Jason Kidd is going to get enshrined at some point, but there is something to keep in mind. Playing with a hall of fame teammate is different than playing for a coach who was an all-time player at his position. Critique and direction can be easier to accept from a teammate. Carter-Williams get to learn under Wade and Rondo. That is invaluable.

Another benefit for Michael Carter-Williams is playing for Bulls' head coach Fred Hoiberg. Hoiberg was a shooter with the Bulls, among the teams that he has played for. There are a few pointers that he can offer Carter-Williams in terms of his touch. After a couple of tweaks, that 25 percent average will rise.

Winner And Loser: Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks were painted in a corner when it came to Michael Carter-Williams. The Bucks had to get something for him. While there was no fear of losing him for nothing to free agency, the longer the Bucks held on, the smaller his trade value would become. Getting back Tony Snell was better than the statistics may suggest.

Michael Carter-Williams is a better player than Tony Snell. Based off of that, the Bulls have won the trade. Snell is a better fit with the Bucks.

With Snell in the fold, the Bucks will be able to employ the offense they want to run. Giannis Antetokounmpo will be the primary ball-handler. Snell's ability to shoot and his length could turn the Bucks' starting unit into a formidable one.

On another note, the Bucks only receiving Tony Snell pales in comparison to what they should have gotten. The particulars are not in regarding the Bucks trade with the Bulls, but it will likely be a player for player swap.

Final Verdict

The Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks are going to swap players from the 2013 NBA draft.

Michael Carter-Williams gives the Bulls the possible point guard of the future. He could give the Bulls a dynamic backcourt with Denzel Valentine for years to come as long as he works out.

In Milwaukee, the Bucks get a three-and-D player who needed the time on the floor in Tony Snell. In the short term, the Bucks lose in this trade with the Bulls, but if they get from Snell what they envision it will not matter where the better player went.

This NBA trade leaves both the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks as winners.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]