'Alaskan Bush People' Canceled: Season 6 Axed Due To Show Being Exposed As Fake?

People are shocked -- shocked, we tell you -- that a reality show turned out to be fake, but that's the sentiment felt amongst fans of Alaskan Bush People, who are reeling over the fact that their beloved show may be canceled. As to why Alaskan Bush People might be canceled despite its high ratings and obvious popularity, there are a few theories that abound.

The first theory about Alaskan Bush People being canceled is put forth by Aussie Network News. Our compatriots in the land of Oz believe that the negative feedback from casual fans and non-observers of the show have drowned out the positive feedback that the loyalists have been putting out. Most of the negative feedback comes from people realizing that much of the claims put forth by the so-called "Wolfpack" -- that is, that they're barely surviving in the Alaskan wilderness, and have an all-but-feral lifestyle -- are false. Eagle-eyed fans noted that not only does the cast of Alaskan Bush People spend much of their downtime, not in the tundric wilderness, but in fancy hotels, a few of their cast members are dating semi-famous (or infamous) actresses (they're looking at you, Noah, and your recent date with Karryna, who was out of your universe, let alone your league).

Another theory about why Alaskan Bush People is canceled comes from Parent Herald, who believe that while Season 6 may be going forward as planned, Season 7 may be canceled because it's becoming too obvious that these people aren't who they say they are. As it stands right now, the Discovery Networks haven't put forth an official statement about the status of Alaskan Bush People, but if the show is scheduled to go forward as planned, the premiere will be on either November 4 or November 11 (since, as it stands now, the re-runs of the show air on Tuesday and Friday).

Also, Matt Brown -- who will be the focus of the new season of Alaskan Bush People -- said that his family (or, more accurately, his "Wolfpack") would only be willing to do the show for up to seven seasons. So, whether it's canceled early, or it's canceled after the seventh season, Alaskan Bush People isn't going to be on our TV lineup for much longer.

Of course, devoted fans of the show aren't taking the news of Alaskan Bush People being canceled lying down. According to Blasting News, fans are responding to the news of Alaskan Bush People being canceled by firing back with some questions of their own. For example, fans are questioning the show's detractors about Billy Brown's account of living in the Alaskan wilderness. According to them, Brown's book, One Wave at a Time, gives a very accurate and provable description what he went through, and this book was published long before Alaskan Bush People was even a thought on a program director's radar.

Another thing that fans of Alaskan Bush People are asking audiences to consider is the fact that both Matt and Joshua regularly update their Facebook pages (wait a minute: the Alaskan wilderness has Internet access?!) and set the record straight about what's real and what isn't. If nothing else, they should be considered a primary source of information, rather than the rumor mill.

Finally, fans of Alaskan Bush People are asking the detractors a very simple question: if you don't like the show, why are you watching it? Apparently, fans of the show have never heard of people watching things for the LOLs (see examples at Mystery Science Theater, whose show is strictly based on watching horrible B-movies for the LOLs).

What do you think about the latest news of Alaskan Bush People being canceled? Let us know if you think Alaskan Bush People will be canceled in the comments below.

[Featured Image via Discovery Channel]