'Moonlight Drawn By Clouds' Makes Park Bo Gum Number One Korean Drama Celebrity Brand: Kim Yoo Jung Places Third

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds has become a runaway KDrama success, and it's having a domino effect on the career of its lead actor, Park Bo Gum.

According to Itech Post, Park Bo Gum has been named the number one Korean drama celebrity in terms of brand reputation based on a list published by the Korean Business Research Institute. The list had 20 names of Korean celebrities on it. Bo Gum's co-star, Kim Yoo Jung, was third on the list while Jealousy Incarnate's Jo Jung Suk placed second.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (Love In The Moonlight) has definitely contributed to Park Bo Gum's newfound brand power. The show has been extremely successful and has crossed the 20 percent audience viewership mark, much like another popular KDrama, Descendants Of The Sun. Itech Post reports that based on figures provided by AGB Nielsen, the Korean period drama has been registering double digits in the ratings for the Seoul National Capital Area since its third episode.

Much of the success of Moonlight comes from the amazing onscreen chemistry between co-stars, Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum. As Soompi reports, Bo Gum recently gave an interview to Mango TV where he talks about how he and Yoo Jung got so close in such a short period of time.

"When we met in the beginning, there definitely a bit of awkwardness. I mean, it was our first meeting and because she is my sunbae (senior)." Park Bo Gum said.

"However, through Yoo Jung, I was able to learn a lot of things that I didn't know about historical dramas, and as we [worked on] the script together little by little, we got close as well fell for Lee Young and Ra On," he added.

In a recent episode, Moonlight fans were treated to a scene where Park Bo Gum's character falls in a pit, and Kim Yoo Jung's character has to save him. Bo Gum said that filming that scene helped them to get much closer.

"After filming [the pit scene], we contact each other and eat together. Right now, we are enjoying the closest oppa-dongseng relationship there is," he said.


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Fans of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds may soon get to see that chemistry up close. According to Yibada, Park Bo Gum is going to fulfill the ratings promise he made earlier in the show's run. He will host a fan meeting event dressed in Korean hanbok, the traditional garments actors wear on the show.

But that's not all. A source from the drama series told a local media outlet that Bo Gum won't be the only star of the show at the fan meet and greet. His co-stars, Kim Yoo-Jung, Jinyoung, Chae Soo-Bin, and Kwak Dong-Yeon will also be there to thank fans for the love they have shown to Moonlight. October 19 seems to be the tentative date scheduled for the event.

"The 19th is not the finalized date," the source added. "Park Bo Gum may have made the ratings promise, but we are trying to have all five main actors attend as a way of returning the huge amount of love fans have shown us."

As Yibada reports, Park Bo Gum previously said that he would meet fans when the show crossed the 20 percent audience viewership mark. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds crossed that milestone on episode 3 of the series when it garnered 20.6 percent of the audience in its time slot.

Meeting all of the main cast of Moonlight would truly be the icing on the cake for fans of the hit show. But they can also expect some extra goodies as the series wraps up its run. According to Yibada, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds broadcaster, KBS, will air a special episode after the series finale.

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