Jinger Duggar's Wedding Date -- Why 'Counting On' Will See A Third Full Season

The second full season of Counting On was to feature Jinger Duggar's courtship and engagement. Since short engagements have been a Duggar standard, viewers have been expecting the announcement of a wedding date any moment. However, this announcement has not been forthcoming.

There's no question that Jinger and her beau, Jeremy Vuolo, have been the focus of this season of Counting On. However, the engagement that fans were waiting for took its time coming. Though Jeremy announced the engagement with a blog post in July, saying that Jinger Duggar had accepted his proposal, before the first episode of the season aired in August, fans who sat down expecting to see a proposal would have a while to wait.

Instead, the first seven episodes of Counting On's second season would slowly lead up to the proposal in Episode 8. Jeremy and Jinger were shown talking about courtship rules (engagement rules are different), spending time together, and breaking some of the rules that Duggar fans have come to expect as a standard.

Social media posts as well as video clips hinted that Jinger was hugging Jeremy a little more front-huggy than the Duggar rules had previously required, that she was perhaps slightly less chaperoned for online chats than her sisters, who spoke of Jim Bob Duggar listening to their phone calls, and that Jinger would even be changing up the Duggar wedding scene -- getting married in Jeremy's hometown of Laredo, Texas, rather than back home in Arkansas.

Jinger Duggar married in Laredo
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In short, the season was a long lead-up to the proposal (enough so that fans complained about recaps and flashbacks), the moment fans were excited about, peppered with promises that fans who watched the previous three wedding specials -- Josh and Anna, Jessa and Ben, and Jill and Derick -- couldn't just replay those and mentally photoshop in Jinger and Jeremy's faces. Jinger Duggar is different, viewers were subtly told, and her wedding will be different, special, and memorable. Of course, every wedding is different, special, and memorable to the participants, but not every wedding is enough so to earn a television special.

Essentially, Season 2 promised that Jinger's wedding won't be just another Duggar wedding, but that it will be one worthy of its own special episode. Obviously, that episode isn't to be aired this season. However, if Jinger hopes to have all of her siblings attend her wedding, it will have to take place before Jill returns to Central America, at some undisclosed time "in the fall."

A short engagement isn't apt to be a stumbling block for the Duggar family -- according to Us Weekly, Jill and Derick were engaged for less than three months before their wedding. Jessa's engagement was about the same length -- E! reports that she and Ben announced their engagement in mid-August, 2014. Their wedding was November 1.

If that pattern held, Jinger Duggar's wedding would be in October -- so a wedding before the end of Fall isn't out of the question at all.

So, what's likely for Jinger Duggar's wedding date? A wedding between seasons of the show, with Season 3 of Counting On airing lots of footage of the planning, rehearsal, and other wedding prep -- with a few scenes in between to remind us that other Duggars are courting, plus Jessa's new arrival in February, and a possible pregnancy for Jill -- leading up to a Special Event episode to cover Jinger's wedding.

Jinger Duggar prepares to wed
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Jinger Duggar's wedding date likely won't be announced until after the season finale of Counting On, but if the patterns of the show hold steady, the wedding will take place before Fall ends, and be aired as a centerpiece of Season 3.

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