What's Next For Norman Reedus? 'The Walking Dead' Actor Goes Back To His Roots With 'Boondock Saints 3'

Norman Reedus already has his next role planned out once The Walking Dead ends. The 47-year-old actor has been an incredibly important part of the AMC mega-hit The Walking Dead since the show started in 2010, but now that the final season starts on October 23, it's time to begin thinking of the future.

Although TWD was Reedus' big breakout television hit, the Daryl Dixon actor has actually been in numerous iconic films since the late 90s including the cult classic Boondock Saints with Sean Patrick Flannery and Willem Dafoe. Once The Walking Dead is over, Reedus and his co-stars are bringing back Boondock Saints for another gun-blazing adventure.

The official release date for Boondock Saints 3, which has the full title as Boondock Saints 3: Legion, has not been confirmed yet, but according to Morning News USA Reedus has confirmed his involvement with the film on a Reddit Q&A. The specifics of Boondock Saints 3, including the plot, have been a point of speculation since late 2014 when the first rumors of the film sprung up. However, it's clear that once Reedus' commitments on The Walking Dead are complete, the actor will be able to focus more seriously on the third installment of Boondock Saints.

Some A-list actors are being considered for the project including Keanu Reeves, Ewan McGregor, and even Brad Pitt. Although none of these actors have confirmed their role in Boondock Saints 3, it's still an impressive casting list compared to the first and second Boondock Saints movies.

Norman Reedus with his Boondock Saints brother, Sean Patrick Flannery.
Norman Reedus with his Boondock Saints brother, Sean Patrick Flannery. [Image by Chris Pizzello/AP Photo]

The first Boondock Saints was released in 1999 with Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery starring as Irish-American brothers who become fed up with their crime-infested cities and decide to take matters into their own hands. Willem Dafoe gives a brilliant performance as a quirky big city investigator, and the whole film is rounded out nicely with heart-wrenching emotional moments amidst the shootout hyper-violence.

Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day came out in 2009, a full ten years after the original, to act as a franchise reboot and a nod to the fans that loved the original. However, the sequel failed to inspire the fandom that the original Boondock Saints garnered so easily. The third Boondock Saints movie may be a chance for the cast to reinvigorate the original story and make up for the lackluster performance of Boondock Saints II.

Before the Boondock Saints trilogy is complete, Reedus still has to finish The Walking Dead. The final season begins at the end of October and Reedus has teased that fans will most likely kick their TVs when they see it. The first episode will pick up right where TWD left off in the sixth season. Someone is definitely going to die, and the characters worlds will never be the same.

Norman Reedus with his Walking Dead co-stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Andrew Lincoln at a Comic Con panel.
Norman Reedus with his Walking Dead co-stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Andrew Lincoln at a Comic-Con panel. [Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]

"Some relinquish power. Some accept it. Some fight it. There are people questioning it. There are people pointing their fingers. There are people blaming themselves," Norman Reedus told Entertainment Weekly in August. "Other things happen that completely destroy people. The group is completely broken apart at this point. Negan has come in and completely shaken up everything."

Theories and speculations are everywhere for the last season of the Walking Dead, but one thing is for sure, this season will be a roller-coaster ride for fans to watch. Cast members have described how difficult it was to film this season and Reedus himself has described devastating moments for his character, Daryl Dixon.

Reedus has played the iconic Daryl Dixon for six years, and the actor turned a one-off character into a reoccurring mainstay, both on The Walking Dead and in pop culture. The show has given Reedus a platform to launch himself to a larger fan base, which will hopefully transfer to the upcoming Boondock Saints movie as well.

Boondock Saints 3: Legion is still very secretive, but because of the casting choices it may have to do with a league of vigilantes, as well as the two brothers, fighting crime. Reedus has remained silent on the details, but more news will likely become available when the actor finished with The Walking Dead.

[Featured Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]