'Melanianade' Genius Lyrics On SNL: Melania Trump, Ivanka, Tiffany, Omarosa, Kellyanne Conway And Mike Pense Confront Donald In Beyoncé 'Sorry' Spoof [Videos]

Melania Trump is the focus of the SNL song called "Melanianade," as seen below. Several women have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, including Natasha Stoynoff, a former writer for People, who claimed Trump kissed her at Mar-a-Lago with Melania in the house, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Melania was cast as Beyoncé in the "Sorry" spoof. Whereas Beyoncé sang about telling a cheating "boy, bye" in Beyoncé's famous song from her Lemonade album, "Melanianade" places Melania front and center as SNL imagines Melania confronting Trump.

The "Melanianade - SNL" video on YouTube‎ was uploaded onto the video-sharing website on October 16. Within six hours, the video swelled to more than 50,000 views. The description of the YouTube video explains the SNL stars and the roles they take on in the "Melanianade" video. However, Melania is not the only person in Trump's life who confronts Donald.
"Melania Trump (Cecily Strong), Ivanka Trump (Emily Blunt), Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon), Omarosa (Sasheer Zamata) and Tiffany Trump (Vanessa Bayer) can no longer stand by Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin)."
Whereas Beyoncé's "Sorry" from Lemonade confronts a man who metaphorically killed the mother of his children -- "both living and dead," as Beyoncé's "Sorry" lyrics say -- the "Melanianade" song features a group of women in Donald's life and portrays the women as fed up with Trump and his alleged antics.
"I stood by your side this whole campaign. Your beautiful, dutiful Melania. I can't take it anymore. I am your wife, your daughter, your mouthpiece, your one black friend, your 'other' daughter. And you're breaking us, taking it for granted that we'll always be there. But one day Donald, you may wake up and this bomb p**** bow blouse will be gone."
melania trump blouse
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Kellyanne Conway appears in the SNL spoof as the frustrated campaign manager for Trump. Tiffany plays Trump's "other daughter," playing second fiddle to the much beloved Ivanka Trump.

Trump Tower is the focus of the place where Melania sings about Donald "always screwing up" and expecting Melania to clean it up. Just as Beyoncé's "Sorry" video, which can be seen below, features Beyoncé sitting in a big chair and singing about the hurt her lover has caused Beyoncé, "Melanianade" features SNL's version of Melania singing to Donald.

"I'm not sorry. Donald, naw."
Melania Donald SNL
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A portrait of a pouting Donald, as played by Alec Baldwin, appears in the background as "Melania" holds up a copy of the New York Daily News with Trump's words, "Grab them by the p****."

"I said I'd stick with you 'unless.' I think we've gotten to 'unless.'"
In the end, the women pull out baseball bats.
Beyoncé may have implored the love of her life to suck on her "b****" because Beyoncé had had enough at the point, but the Melania character implores Donald to fix his bald spot instead because Melania's version on SNL has had enough.
"Me and my ladies pack our Gucci up. We spilling tea with our pinkies up."
Beyoncé urged hurt women to put their middle fingers up and tell their partners goodbye. With the "Melanianade" song spoof from SNL, the women urged others to put four fingers up and bend them like Donald does, telling Trump he's fired.
"I'm done thinking about you. Four fingers up, make 'em bend right. Put 'em in the face, tell him, 'boy, bye.' You're fired."
Ivanka's SNL version speaks about not believing Trump is sorry for his leaked words to the media.
"Daddy wants to tweet he's sorry — I don't even think he means it."
Meanwhile, Trump's official Twitter account has responded to SNL, as seen below.
On Twitter, Donald called SNL's portrayal of Trump a hit job.

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