Donald Trump Vs ‘SNL’: Trump Fires Back At ‘Saturday Night Live’

It was just a matter of time before Donald Trump fired back at the long-running sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live, for portraying him in a ridiculous way.

Saturday Night Live, or SNL, has been running for over 40 years and it has been lampooning politicians and celebrities since it went on air. But despite targeting almost every famous person without prejudice, most of the people they’ve ridiculed have taken their ribbing under the chin.

But not Donald Trump. After two weeks of impersonating the real estate mogul and making him look like a buffoon, Trump went on the defense and came after SNL through Twitter.

A couple of weeks ago, SNL parodied the first presidential debate and they brought in Saturday Night Live hosting veteran Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, while SNL cast member Kate McKinnon impersonated Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump berates Alec Baldwin's portrayal of him.
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Baldwin was hilarious as Trump and he perfectly mimicked the Republican candidate down to his scowl, a feature that often appears whenever the real estate mogul gets cornered by reporters or political pundits.

Baldwin even upped the ante on Donald Trump’s racism when he referred to Michael Che, who was impersonating CNN correspondent Don Lemon, as “jazzman” and “Coltrane.”

Another Trump trait that Baldwin showcased on the opening sketch was the candidate’s penchant for sniffling during the debate. All throughout the presidential debate, Donald Trump kept inhaling loudly like he had a stuffy nose, which Baldwin emulated perfectly on SNL.

Just a week after that Baldwin appeared once more on the show to portray Donald Trump and in that sketch, the 30 Rock star parodied Trump’s televised apology after a tape of him speaking with former Access Hollywood correspondent, Billy Bush, surfaced.

The satirized apology referred to Trump’s graphic discussion about women, wherein he spoke freely with Bush about how he made inappropriate advances towards them.

Trump justified his actions by telling Bush that a man like him can get away with behavior like that because he is a celebrity.

When the video surfaced, Trump had no choice but to issue a public apology. But his apology was criticized by many because rather than simply owing up to his mistake, Trump dragged Bill Clinton’s name through the mud for saying that the former U.S. President actually abused women.

In SNL‘s parodied apology, Baldwin further made a fool out of Donald Trump by saying that he was only trying to impress Billy Bush.

In the third sketch, which was featured just a few hours ago, SNL parodied the second presidential debate and Baldwin once again let loose an almost perfect impersonation of Donald Trump.

In the latest sketch, Trump tried to downplay his scandal by bringing to the public’s attention the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.

Baldwin’s Trump said, “Martha, she is trying to silence these women but they need to be respected. They need their voices heard.”

Cecily Strong, who was portraying ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz, then asked Trump what about the women who were accusing him of the same thing.

“They need to shut the hell up,” was his only reply.

The funniest part of the sketch was when Baldwin’s Trump paced around the background like a predator while McKinnon’s Clinton was speaking. SNL even played the theme song from Jaws when Trump walked behind her.

It was a golden moment for SNL and critics have commended the comedy series for coming up with some of the best comedic sketches they have seen in a long time.

But not everyone who has seen it is happy, particularly the butt of all SNL‘s jokes—Donald Trump.

Trump has gone on Twitter to express his distaste for SNL‘s sketches of him, and he even went as far as to suggest that the show be taken off the air.

An ironic gesture seeing that he hosted the same show just last October. But despite being part of a show known for ridiculing famous people, Donald Trump was adamant about not letting anyone ruin his image.

According to Politico, Michael Che and Colin Jost said that Trump didn’t like the lines that made fun of him.

After watching the latest episode of SNL, Trump said that Baldwin’s portrayal of him was bad and he reiterated that the media was targeting him to keep him from winning the presidential race.

Donald Trump fires back at SNL for parodying him.
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It’s becoming more apparent that Trump will hit back at anyone who tries to sully his image often accusing his critics of manipulating the public’s opinion of him to keep him from winning the election.

Unfortunately, the real estate mogul doesn’t need SNL to destroy his image. Donald Trump’s scandals seem enough to bring him down.

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