7-11 Cup Poll Pegs Obama As Likely Winner

Kim LaCapria

7-11, purveyor of all things needed at 3 am after a bar crawl, is a few weeks deep into their unofficial election cup poll, and the chain is reporting that Barack Obama is pulling ahead as a likely winner in the coffee cup wars.

Polling is a serious science, and 7-11 is in no way, shape or form endorsed by political scientists as a valid method of gauging the sentiment of any one electorate. That said, the 7-11 coffee cup poll has correctly predicted the winner of the last three elections.

And who does 7-11 peg as the current leader via its unofficial coffee cup polling? Barack Obama, with a 60 percent lead over Mitt Romney's 40 percent, even in some GOP strongholds like South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

Bill Spain of MarketWatch reports that Romney is only coffee-cupping ahead in two states, and his lead is smaller:

"As of Tuesday, Romney was ahead in just two states, Idaho and West Virginia. He does not break 60% in either of them while the president is well ahead of that number in several, including California, Washington, New Mexico and Iowa ... New Hampshire is tied."

7-11 coffee cup poll

It could be that Dems drink more coffee overall, or more wealthy Republicans can afford pricier Starbucks coffees. Or, it could be that many Romney supporters are quieter about their affiliation and opt for a non-partisan cup when selecting their daily brew.

Have you voted in the 7-11 election cup poll?