Karrueche Tran Responds To The Game's 'All Eyez' Shout-Out On Instagram, Dissing Chris Brown's 'Back To Sleep'?

Noel Zelindo

Karrueche Tran may not have been impressed with Chris Brown's decision to shout-out her name on his sultry "Back To Sleep (Remix)" track that dropped earlier this year, but it looks like Karrueche is learning to poke fun at the incident after taking to Instagram on Saturday to share a funny screengrab that seemingly references both Brown and rapper The Game's decision to shout-out her name in their recently released singles.

On Saturday, Karrueche Tran took to Instagram to share a screengrab of a text message from her mother that appears to reference Chris Brown and The Game's shout-out of her name in their singles, "Back To Sleep (Remix)" and "All Eyez," respectively. In the text message, Karrueche's mom explains that she had overheard a man shouting out her daughter's name in a song playing on the radio yesterday evening, albeit neglecting to clarify whether the song in question was Chris Brown's "Back To Sleep (Remix)" or The Game's "All Eyez" track which was released in June earlier this year.

"I was driving home today and the radio play this song and I heard the guy shout your name," Karrueche's mom explained to her daughter, as seen in a screengrab posted to the model's Instagram account on October 15. While Karrueche didn't share her reply to her mom's awkward text message, the model appeared to poke fun at the incident by adding a skull and laughing-crying emoji to the caption of her post.


Although it's unclear whether or not Karrueche's mom was referring to Chris Brown's "Back To Sleep (Remix)" track, which was inspired by Brown's headline-making split from Karrueche in 2015, fans were quick to take to the comment section of the model's photo to speculate that Tran's mom was most likely referring The Game's "All Eyez" track since the song was released more recently in comparison to Brown's track which dropped in February earlier this year. Similarly, other fans were quick to point out that while Chris Brown and Karrueche may be nearing the two-year mark since calling off their longtime relationship in 2015, thus sparking rumors that Tran may have been dissing Brown in her cryptic Instagram post, it's likely that Karrueche's mom would have recognized Chris' voice on the track and would not need clarification regarding who was shouting out her daughter's name on the radio.

The news comes just two months after Karrueche and The Game heated up dating rumors as a result of the rapper's decision to shout-out the model's name in his sultry "All Eyez" single, prompting The Game to speak out in response to the dating claims during a radio interview in June.

Speaking to Los Angeles' Real 92.3 earlier this summer, The Game began by opening up about his decision to borrow Chris Brown's infamous Karrueche shout-out for his "All Eyez" song before aiming to dispel speculation suggesting that he and Brown are feuding over romance claims between him and the model.


When asked if Chris Brown had confronted him about his "Karrueche!" line in his "All Eyez" track, The Game admits, "Chris is a cool guy. I just remember hearing him do that [on "Back To Sleep (Remix)"] and I thought it was dope. You know what I'm saying? So, when I was doing the song at Storch house, I'm like, I was thinking about doing it in the same vein, but I couldn't think of what name so I just said the same name because I thought it would be funny."

However, when pressed about whether or not the track is an indication of a possible budding romance between him and the actress, The Game admits that Tran is "a real cool girl," albeit noting that the shout-out was "just fun and games."

While Chris Brown hasn't responded to Karrueche Tran's latest Instagram post, the "Grass Ain't Greener" singer appeared to echo The Game's statement regarding the false feud rumors in an Instagram post shared by The Shade Room earlier this year.


In the post, The Shade Room can be seen asking followers why The Game would be giving Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend a shout-out in his "All Eyez" track, prompting Brown to respond to the question with a laughing-crying emoji alongside the message, "Young KING MIDAS. Everything around me turns gold! *winking emoji*."

What do you think of Karrueche Tran's Instagram post about The Game's "All Eyez" shout-out?

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