Natalie Negrotti Says She’s In Love With James Huling, Is Marriage In The Cards For The ‘Big Brother’ Lovebirds?

Natalie Negrotti and James Huling may have met each other on a reality show, but they are proving that their post-show romance is the real deal. The Big Brother lovebirds are one of three showmances that have come out of the 18th season of the CBS reality show, and their bond is undeniable as they set out to make things work in the real world.

Natalie Negrotti has been keeping fans updated on her romance with James ever since BB18 wrapped late last month. Natalie recently posted that she was a winner on Big Brother because she “won” James.


Huling posted a similar sentiment about Negrotti. The two-time Big Brother veteran wrote that while he didn’t win the CBS reality show, he won “so much more” when he met Natalie. James described Natalie as “an amazing woman” and added that he can’t imagine ever waking up without her.

Indeed, this is much more than a summertime romance. According to Big Brother Network, on a recent Periscope session, Negrotti made it clear that she and Huling are official and that things are serious between them.

“Yes we are dating, guys,” Natalie told fans. “Yes, we are official. I don’t understand why people don’t believe we are together. How is it not obvious?”

Negrotti also posted a photo of her and Huling with the hashtag “#iminlove.”


When a fan asked if there’s a possibility of marriage, Natalie didn’t rule it out.

“Yes, we’ll see,” Negrotti said. “We’ll see if we’re going to get married.”

If James and Natalie do get married, they will be the fourth marriage to come out of the Big Brother franchise. Big Brother veterans Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd tied the knot earlier this year and just welcomed their first baby. In addition, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas are now married with child, while two-time player Daniele Donato also met her husband, Dominic Briones, on the CBS reality show.

James and Natalie are currently road tripping. After doing a charity event in Boston last week, the adorable duo traveled to New Jersey to meet up with Natalie’s family. The couple even posted a video of their road trip to meet the Negrotti relatives. James was driving Natalie’s car in the video. After they finish their visit with Natalie’s family, they plan to head to Pennsylvania to spend time with some of James’ clan.

Natalie has been keeping her Big Brother boyfriend busy while they’re visiting her family. They all went on an apple picking excursion and Negrotti also posted a video that showed them cooking one of Natalie’s Venezuelan specialties, arepas, together. Negrotti and Huling will also make a meet and greet appearance in New Jersey later this week. Natalie has promised to keep Jatalie fans updated on the details.

While these lovebirds are much more than a showmance, Natalie Negrotti had to defend her relationship with James. Some of the Big Brother houseguests accused Negrotti of using Huling to further her game, but Natalie has always said that James is her soulmate. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Natalie Negrotti explained that her relationship with James was always real and that the lack of PDA while they were on camera was out of respect for her family.

“It was very romantic, but I knew I was on TV and my family and friends are all watching, especially my little cousins and kids all around the world,” Negrotti explained. “I wanted to kiss James and cuddle with him all the time but at the end of the day, I wanted to be careful with my actions. That was just not something I was comfortable enough doing on TV.”

On their Periscope and YouNow videos, James and Natalie are clearly affectionate, but don’t expect to see a full-on make-out session on camera. While they do share a smooch and plenty of “I love yous” in their recent video posts, Natalie reiterated that she is a private girl and likes to “keep it classy.”

Take a look at the video below to see Natalie Negrotti cooking at home with her Big Brother love.

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