FBI Seeks Public’s Help To Catch A Suspected Serial Child Abductor In Ohio – Enters Home While Parents Sleep

Parents in northeastern Ohio have been put on high alert as the FBI seeks the public’s help to locate a man they suspect to be a serial child abductor. The abductor is said to actually attempt to take the children who are his victims straight from inside their houses.

According to Cleveland.com the suspect is wanted in connection with the abduction of a six-year-old Cleveland girl in May and is also said to have attempted to abduct a 10-year-old girl in the suburb of Elyria this past February. One of the reasons the suspect is considered to be so highly dangerous is his brazen willingness to enter the homes of the children he seeks to kidnap in order to accomplish the deed. He enters the houses during the early morning hours, while the parents are still sleeping.

The case of the serial child abductor has over 200 agents and police working across the state of Ohio to arrest the man involved. They have also been circulating surveillance video of the suspected kidnapper in which his face is shown and another video of the man driving a very distinctive car. A photo of him has been put out through social media and even on highway billboards nationwide with the hopes that someone would be able to would recognize him.

The description of the suspect himself has also been released, and he has been described as a white man who has light brown hair and a “neatly-trimmed” beard. The man stands at approximately 5 feet 10 inches and has at least one tattoo. Thus far, however, the 325 tips that have been called in to the FBI have led nowhere, and it is a situation the Feds say is extremely rare.

The FBI is trying a new tactic now though and has begun targeting smaller townships and villages in Northeast Ohio with the hope that someone might recognize the suspect, and they will specifically be re-directing their efforts to focus on Lorain County. This is where the first known attempted abduction occurred on February 25. That abduction was unsuccessful, but only because the little girl was able to fight off the man. The authorities say that, unbeknownst to the occupiers of the house, the suspect had unlocked multiple doors and windows in the girl’s home, and in the early morning hours he tried to drag her outside by her legs. Fortunately, the little girl did manage to escape him and run to her father’s room.

The second kidnapping the serial abductor is believed to have been involved in occurred in Cleveland, and here he abducted the little girl in the early hours of May 21. Surveillance video around the area actually shows that on multiple occasions, before he committed the criminal act, he had been seen observing the house. It was 17 hours later that the kidnapper dropped the child off at an intersection after she was taken. The girl rang the nearest doorbell and was recognized from the media coverage about her abduction.

Authorities acknowledged publicly this week that the girl was violently “assaulted” by her captor during those hours she was missing. DNA evidence from both scenes provided the link between the two abductions. FBI spokeswoman Vicki Anderson said that “He’s a bad, bad guy,” when asked of her opinion regarding the kidnapping case. Fox News spokeswoman Kelli Liberti announced that all is not lost and one of the reasons the man has not been identified as yet is that the sketch the police were able to compile of the suspected serial child abductor “looks like half the guys in Ohio.”

Liberti also highlighted that one of the reasons the FBI is extremely concerned with ending the terror that the suspect being free instills is because they are afraid that he will continue to abduct even more children in school.

“Whoever he is, he’s very dangerous. And he’s dangerous to anyone with a child.”

If anyone has information on the open case is being asked to call the FBI tipline at 216-622-6824. The FBI is offering a reward of up to $20,000 if the suspect is caught and successfully prosecuted.

[Featured Image by FBI Most Wanted Database]