Tupac Shakur’s Bizarre, Complicated Relationship With Suge Knight

Tupac Shakur is arguably one of the biggest hip hop legends to ever have lived. Born in 1971, he was popularly known by his stage names Makaveli and 2Pac, with his album All Eyez On Me being among the best selling in the United States. He was shot dead in September 1996, while leaving a boxing match between Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Tupac was in the company of Suge Knight, the CEO of Death Row Records. Knight was driving and Tupac was in the passenger seat at the time of the drive-by shooting. It has been suggested that Tupac Shakur was killed in gang-related retribution. On the night of the shooting, CCTV cameras captured a scuffle between a Crips gang member and Tupac Shakur's bodyguards. Orlando Anderson instantly became a suspect in the Tupac Shakur murder. The following are details on this highlighted by CNN."Shakur was shot multiple times on September 7th, 1996. After leaving a boxing match with former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, the rapper and his bodyguards got into a scuffle with 21-year-old Crips gang member Orlando Anderson in the lobby of the MGM Grand casino. Carroll, who worked with the city's bike patrol unit, had also been watching the same Mike Tyson fight, but was unaware of the brawl taking place in the lobby.

"Later, a white Cadillac pulled up beside Knight and Shakur while they were stopped at a traffic light and one man began shooting out of the back window."

Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead a short while after. That said, Jerry Heller, former NWA manager, recently stated that Suge Knight had a hand in Tupac Shakur's death. The following was his statement as reported by Hiphop Dx.

"He [Suge Knight] absolutely did. Unquestionably put the hit on him. Pulled Tupac in front of him, that's how he got the glass in his head. You don't think the cops could have solved this if they wanted to? I think Suge got what he deserved. Looks to me like he's in jail for at least the foreseeable future."

However, numerous conspiracy theories of Tupac Shakur being alive have recently popped up. Some of the aspects brought to light by conspiracy theorists include his stage name Makaveli, which was derived from Niccolò Machiavelli, the Italian war strategist who faked his death, suggesting that's what he did. Just last year, an ex-police officer David Myers claimed that he and 30 other people ranging from paramedics to witnesses were paid to fake his death.

Suge Knight is alleged to have been one of those behind the plot. The officer was apparently paid $1.5 million to keep quiet about the matter. A body double was also acquired from the morgue at $50,000. He is said to have revealed this while in critical condition in hospital. The following were his exact words according to Vibe.

"The world needs to know what I did. I'm ashamed that I let a price be put on my word and I cannot die without letting the world know."

Tupac Shakur's sudden cremation just a day after his death also aroused suspicion, with Suge Knight claiming to have paid someone $3 million to cremate Tupac Shakur's body. This is as reported by News.

However, Suge Knight recently stated that the rapper is alive. This was while speaking to TMZ, stating, "Why you think nobody been arrested if they said they the one that killed Tupac? Because Tupac not dead. If he was dead, they'd be arresting those dudes for murder. You know he's somewhere smoking a Cuban cigar on an island."
Suge knight also denied allegations that he had something to do with Tupac Shakur's death, stating that only naïve people come up with such rumors.

Given Tupac Shakur's and Suge Knight's complicated relationship, it is hard to tell whether the two were even friends given the complex dynamics involved.

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