Kim Kardashian: What The Future Holds For 'KUWTK' After Paris Heist

Kim Kardashian's meltdown following the robbery ordeal in Paris last week has not only caused production for Keeping Up With the Kardashians to wrap early, it's also placed the show on an indefinite hiatus once it concludes airing episodes for its 12th series.

The reality program, which is currently in its mid-season break, will be returning later this year, and while there are still plenty of episodes to air on the E! network, the Kardashians are famously known for having cameras follow their every move at all times.

Now that Kim Kardashian has specifically requested for the family to stop shooting for the time being, as mentioned by Celeb Dirty Laundry, the network is unclear when they are going to start production for the forthcoming series, due to air early next year.

It's going to cause quite the scheduling conflict for execs over at E!, but everyone has been very understanding of Kim's situation, especially with sources claiming that Kardashian is refusing to leave her Bel-Air home after the incident last week, as revealed by E! Online.

Taking Kim Kardashian's struggle into consideration, an indefinite hiatus is still the last thing the family needs as far as their reality show is concerned, with recent rating statistics showing that the viewership the clan once had has drastically dropped over time.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been averaging 1.4 million viewers an episode, which is almost 1.2 million less from the ratings the family's average was back in Season 8. Kim discussing the Paris attacks on her show could potentially help boost the viewership for some time, but as of right now, the 35-year-old is solely thinking about her safety.

She's fully aware that staying away from the limelight and social media is hurting her career and her earnings, with an alleged $1 million loss per month, but from what sources say, Kim Kardashian just isn't ready to return to showbiz just yet.

"The show cannot go on without Kim. The filming has been stopped for an indefinite period of time until Kim recovers from her trauma," a source tells CDL.

"E! is looking after the wellbeing of Kim. If they think the show isn't allowed to continue while she recovers, then it won't. The Kardashians are the stars – no one says no to them."
News of Kim Kardashian's struggle following the Paris ordeal comes just days after reports alleged that the socialite has been feuding with Kanye West recently. Kim was said to have been stunned to learn that her husband had decided to head back on tour as opposed to staying by her side and helping her through this difficult time.

The twosome bickered over Kanye's reckless decision to leave the country and consequently keeping her at their Bel-Air home with the kids while he's busy working. If Kim had it her way, she would've wanted West to stay at home with her — at least until she feels safe enough to be home alone again.

Sources say that Kim Kardashian's absence from showbiz could actually end up doing her a lot of favors because the longer she stays in hiding, the higher the demand will be from fans.

Almost every news outlet has made an offer for Kim to give her tell-all interview on what really happened in Paris at her penthouse, but as of right now, Kardashian has declined everything, stressing that she has no plans of leaving her home any time soon.

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