Michigan Woman Lied About Being Gang-Raped By Black Men

A Michigan woman has been convicted of making false police reports in association with a horrifying story that she made up earlier this year. New York Daily News reports that 25-year-old Leiha Artman claimed that she had been kidnapped and gang-raped by a group of four black men back in March. She's being made to face justice for the lies that she told, but will her motive ever be revealed?

This bizarre case began around March 27, when she randomly sent her boyfriend a text telling him that she had been kidnapped. In what appeared to be a panic, Artman reportedly sent the man photos of herself bound and gagged with what appeared to be head injuries. She told the man she had been held captive for two days, and that her captors were demanding a ransom.

Before her boyfriend could come up with the ransom money, the Michigan woman got back in contact with him with -- at the time -- was amazing news. The four black men who had kidnapped her had charitably taken her back home and let her go without collecting any of the ransom that they had demanded. Like any caring person would do, the boyfriend of the apparent victim took her to a hospital, where she was interviewed by police. That's where her story began to fall apart.

Police say that Leiha Artman first claimed that she had been kidnapped by four black men, who tortured and gang-raped her for at least two days. However, her story later changed -- and she admitted that she had made the entire story up. However, she has never offered a motive for why she faked such a horrifying ordeal.

Rogelio Andaverde

This isn't the first time someone has faked a kidnapping or some other traumatic incident. Just a few days ago, it was reported that a Texas man faked his kidnapping because he was too scared to tell his wife that he wanted to go hang out with his friends. Newser reports that Rogelio Andaverde was taken from his home by two masked men, only to resurface two days later. Come to find out, the whole situation was orchestrated so he could get out of the house. He, like Leiha Artman, was charged with filing a false police report.

Earlier this year, a Florida woman allegedly faked her own kidnapping in order to hide her behavior from her husband. New York Daily News reports that 32-year-old Karla Vasquez faked her kidnapping so her husband wouldn't find out that she was spending time with another man. Too bad her plan backfired because not only was she arrested for filing a false report, but her husband was totally aware of what she had been up to.

Also this year, a Florida woman allegedly faked her own kidnapping for a truly bizarre reason. Her Campus reports that Janet Elena Brooks claimed that she was abducted at gunpoint in order to get her boyfriend's attention. Like many other folks who fake their own kidnappings, the Florida woman was charged with filing a false police report.

As for this latest bizarre case, Leiha Artman is facing justice for her actions. The Michigan woman has been sentenced to a year of imprisonment for lying about being kidnapped, raped and tortured. Meanwhile, she still hasn't revealed what compelled her to hoax such a seriously traumatic incident. No reports are sharing whether or not she is still with the boyfriend she had tried to swindle for ransom money.

[Featured Image by Muskegon County Jail]