Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors: Deal Done With Milwaukee Bucks?

Chicago Bulls trade rumors reveal that a deal with the Milwaukee Bucks is nearly complete. The Bulls and Bucks have reportedly already come to terms on a deal that would exchange Michael Carter-Williams for Tony Snell. A report from CBS Sports states that the deal could be announced on Monday, October 17, with the two teams finalizing details behind the scenes. NBA analyst Marc Stein has also confirmed that the teams are "deep in talks" to exchange players.

Michael Carter-Williams has played three seasons in the NBA, averaging 14.5 points, 6.1 assists, and 5.6 rebounds per game. He has been plagued by poor shooting, though, making just 41.2 percent of his shots. Carter-Williams spent time with the Philadelphia 76ers before getting traded to the Milwaukee Bucks, so this will already be a third NBA franchise for the young point guard.

Tony Snell has played three years with the Chicago Bulls, averaging just 5.3 points and 2.3 rebounds a game. He has averaged 18.5 minutes in 213 career games, most of them coming off the bench for the Bulls. The 24-year-old small forward is better known for his defense than what he provides on offense.

Michael Carter-Williams In Action
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These Chicago Bulls trade rumors might make fans of the team very excited, as Michael Carter-Williams can provide a lot of energy for the team. He is a triple-double waiting to happen on almost every night, but his scoring, passing, and rebounding has never been the issue. Carter-Williams is often inconsistent from the field and has trouble taking care of the basketball. He averaged 3.4 turnovers per game, but also provides 1.7 steals on the other side of the ball.

Carter-Williams will make about $3.2 million for the 2016-17 NBA season, while Tony Snell is in line for a salary of about $2.4 million. Both players had team options accepted by their soon-to-be-former teams, but it appears that neither played into the long-term plans of the franchises. On the surface, it appears clear that the Chicago Bulls are looking to add another playmaker, while the Milwaukee Bucks need someone more defensive oriented. It could turn out to be a "win" for both teams.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the updated odds of either team winning the 2016-17 NBA title has shifted a bit since the offseason. After trading Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks, the odds for the Chicago Bulls fell to 100-to-1. The Milwaukee Bucks are a bit further down the list, coming in at odds of 200-to-1 at winning the NBA title. It's possible that the acquisition of Michael Carter-Williams, adding him to a roster that already includes Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler, could improve the outlook for the Bulls.

MCW With Bucks
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The Chicago Bulls are 3-2 so far in the NBA preseason, putting the team close to the top in the Eastern Conference standings. The Milwaukee Bucks have slipped to 2-2 after winning their first two preseason games, with the offense completely vanishing. With the Bucks averaging just 87.5 points per game, it might seem a bit surprising that the front office decided it was time to trade Michael Carter-Williams. It's certain that Tony Snell isn't going to help the team put more points on the scoreboard, but he can shoot well from three-point range on occasion.

Though it appears that this is a deal the NBA commissioner will be approving very soon, all indications are that the teams are waiting until Monday (Oct. 17) to make the official announcement. It's unclear why the teams are doing this, but it could be as simple as an owner or general manager being out of town this weekend. This might quiet other Chicago Bulls trade rumors, where the team was linked to offensive options that could help the team this season.

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