‘Walking Dead’ Star Michael Cudlitz Says Abraham Looking For Revenge [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 7 is coming up next week on AMC and series star Michael Cudlitz says that the group, including himself, is looking to get a little revenge on Negan and his merry band of Saviors. This could indeed be a reveal for Walking Dead fans as to who met their demise on the first episode of Season 7.

When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Michael Cudlitz was both vague and candid with his responses about what fans are about to witness in Season 7 of The Walking Dead. One thing that is definitely on Abraham’s mind is that he is likely to be even angrier than the rest of the group, with good reason.

“A lot of people blame Rick for completely underestimating [Negan], and I think that Rick blames Rick, and we are in a completely helpless situation at this moment,” Michael Cudlitz told Entertainment Weekly. “And from there, it’s just sort of [let’s] see what can be done. Is there a moment when we’re going to be able to… because the show can’t end like this. I mean, there has to be at some point some fight back, some push back in some way with what happens after.”

The Walking Dead fans should pay special attention to the most recent teaser video released by AMC. Although it has been scrutinized to the point of insanity, there are a few points to consider about the video.

First of all, Rick Grimes is telling Negan that he is going to kill him. He doesn’t know when, but he is confident the time is going to come when Negan will die, and it will be at his hands on The Walking Dead. Rick is calm, cool, and collected when he is telling him this.

The Walking Dead has a habit of throwing out a little misdirection with their teaser videos so that fans will think for sure that the victim is one person (Maggie), but later reveal it to be someone else. The first thing that was noticed about the video is that the blood on Rick’s cheek was on his right side. That also happened to be the side that Maggie was on, closest to Rick.

Fans of The Walking Dead are some of the smartest around, but blood spatter does not lie. If there is one thing that we can be sure of, it is that Rick Grimes saw where that bat was going before Negan delivered his death blow. So that stands to reason that Rick turned his head toward the victim when he/she was about to die. One last glance, so to speak.

So in that case, if Maggie were the victim, the blood spatter might not have landed on Rick’s right cheek, but more than likely landed on his left cheek if his head were facing her.

What we do know (from The Walking Dead teaser video) is that the victim on Season 7 of The Walking Dead is kneeling right beside Rick, and we will talk more about why in a moment.

So that leaves the next potential victim on his left side, which is Sasha. If Rick had turned to look at Sasha just before she took the blow, then the blood spatter would have indeed landed on his right cheek, taking into consideration the basic laws of gravity and force.

But the most revealing part about that Walking Dead teaser was not the blood spatter. It was rather the end of the video when Rick was being dragged off. The camera showed it happening, but then it lowers back down, where Sasha had been kneeling, with a bloody mess below it.

So there is good reason for Abraham, more than everyone else on The Walking Dead Season 7, to be out for revenge on Negan. He was in love with her and they were just on the horizon of a relationship of some sort.

[Featured Image by AMC]