Officer-Involved Shooting In Austin, Texas, One Female Dead: Multiple Officer-Involved Shootings In The U.S. This Weekend [UPDATE]

An officer-involved shooting occurred overnight in Austin, Texas, leaving one female dead. While the details have not yet emerged on this breaking news story, a news conference is planned for today and will be aired live later today.

Police were called to an apartment complex located near South First Street and Cannon Drive just before 4 a.m. Sunday morning. It has not been revealed why the police were called to the residence, or why a shooting was involved.

Police did reveal that no officers were injured, but the department declined to say more at this time, Statesman reports.

Officer-involved shootings have made their way to the top of headlines lately as Black Lives Matter groups have been protesting officers using deadly force against black men.

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The race of the female who was shot and killed has not yet been revealed.

Fox 5 reports an officer-involved shooting that occurred in Cobb County, Georgia on Saturday night, leaving one person injured. Police confronted three people at a gas station when the car drove off, hit a curb, then cops fired. No officers were injured, and it was unclear how many officers were involved in the shooting.

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AJC reported that one of the people inside the car shot first, then officers returned fire. Randy Echols told reporters what he witnessed at the gas station last night.

"I saw the cop car pull into the parking lot, and that's when I see the car start swerving and try to hit him. That's when the cop drew his gun, cause I heard a gunshot first so the people in the car had to be shooting at cops."
The suspect was shot in the leg, as well as the arm, and was taken to a local hospital in police custody. Two others fled from the car and ran towards a motel. A witness, Nickia Young, told officers that one man tried pushing his way through her and into her motel room.
"Like he had his hands up trying to ask for help, but I had my kids in there and my neighbor's kids also, so I told him he had to go."
/blockquote>The police did eventually find and arrest both men who fled the scene.

Also in the news this weekend was an officer-involved shooting in Monterey, California that left one person injured, Kion 546 reports. The officers were serving a bench warrant for a murder case when they went to a motel and found themselves under fire. The suspect, Paulo Barcenas, 36, was taken to the hospital after police shot back.

The suspect has been wanted for a murder case from May, but no further details have been released.


The woman involved in the officer-involved shooting early Sunday morning was a 26-year-old. She was pronounced dead at 5 a.m. at St. David's South Austin Hospital, My Stateman reports.

Police have revealed that the woman aimed a gun at them and refused to drop the gun and obey orders. When two officers shot at her, she fell, but the woman reached for her gun and aimed it at the officers, yet again. That was when one of the officers fired more rounds at the woman and took the gun from her.

Assistant Police Chief Troy Gay revealed during the press conference this morning that officers were responding to a distress call. She and her husband were acting erratically and requested a mental health officer to respond. Prior to officers arriving at the scene, they knew the woman had a gun.

The woman stepped outside of the apartment complex when officers arrived.

"Shoot me, shoot me, kill me."
She continued to tell the officers to kill her as she aimed the gun towards officers.
"Anytime that we have a loss of life, it's a very, very tragic event. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the decedent, as well as the officers and their families."
Two officers involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

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