Trump’s Former Butler Says Natasha Stoynoff’s Groping Claims Are Lies

Donald Trump’s former butler at the Mar-a-Lago mansion says that People Magazine‘s Natasha Stoynoff groping story is a lie. Anthony Senecal says that he was Trump’s butler at the time that the business mogul allegedly groped and kissed Stoynoff against her will. In her story, Stoynoff says that the sexual altercation was interrupted only when Trump’s butler entered the room. However, Senecal is refuting the claims noting that no such event took place and that it is complete “bull crap.”

The Palm Beach Post reports that 85-year-old Anthony Senecal worked for Trump as a butler for 30 years at Mar-a-Lago resort. It was during this time that Natasha Stoynoff reportedly came to the mansion to interview Donald and Melania Trump for a People Magazine piece.

The former butler has been thrust into the spotlight after Stoynoff made claims that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her by groping her and kissing her against her will. In her piece, Stoynoff notes that the altercation was only stopped when Trump’s “longtime butler” came into the room unannounced a few minutes later. She notes that she was still trying to “unpin” herself when the butler walked in.

“I was grateful when Trump’s longtime butler burst into the room a minute later, as I tried to unpin myself.”

However, Stoynoff says that no such incident took place and that he never walked in on Donald Trump and Natasha Stoynoff. In fact, he called the story “just bull crap.”

“No, that never happened. Come on, that’s just bull crap.”

Stoynoff went even further by noting that during his 30 years of serving as Trump’s butler, he never once saw Trump putting the moves on women at Mar-a-Lago. He claimed that Trump never did that even when he wasn’t married. The former butler says that he expects more women to “jump on the train” (and he doesn’t mean the Trump Train).

“Everybody is just jumping on the train. I think you’re going to see even more of it between now and the election. But these incidents never happened.”

Though Senecal says that more women will likely make false claims, he says that he knows Trump will fight back.

“These guys are pushing his back against the wall. But he’s a fighter. He’ll take them on. He’ll take all of them on.”

Some have questioned the reliability of the butler’s claims as it was revealed by the Independent that Senecal had previously called for the death of President Barack Obama on social media.

Though the butler’s intentions have been questioned, he isn’t the only one claiming that the accusations against Trump are false. The Daily Mail reports that the cousin of Trump accuser Summer Zervos is also questioning claims made by his cousin regarding a sexual assault that reportedly took place in 2007.

Zervos claims that Trump touched her breasts, groped her, and forcefully kissed her in 2007 after she appeared on The Apprentice. The woman claims that Trump then “thrust his genitals” at her. However, Zervos’ cousin says that the woman has had nothing but positive things to say about Trump over the last decade and says that she even tried to reconnect with the business mogul earlier this year.

“[Zervos] had nothing but glowing things to say about [him] for nearly a decade.”

The Trump campaign followed the cousin’s claims by providing an email that Zervos reportedly sent to a senior staff member of Trump’s earlier this year. In a portion of the email, Zervos seems to praise Trump as “honest” and “working hard.”

“He has witnessed both my highs and lows operating a small business and I am pleased to report that business is good. Sunny’s Restaurant has a long history of making people feel special. We hire a diverse crew and embrace anyone who is honest while working hard. Mr Trump is cut from the same cloth.”

The cousin claims that Zervos has made the sexual allegations after Trump denied her offer to visit her California restaurant. The cousin says she was angry when Trump refused her invitation, so the sexual assault claims are retaliation. However, Zervos says that her cousin is wrong and that the email was sent in a bid to “clear the air” about what had happened. She further states she sent a second email in which she referenced the assault, claiming the email said, “Your interest in me as a potential employee meant the world to me. Your interest in me as anything more blew my mind, and I lost my footing.”

What do you think about the sexual assault claims against Donald Trump?

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