Why Drake Should Stop Dating Celebrities Altogether

You know how you watch your friends date the wrong type of people over and over? This is what we've been doing with Drake. It's time to stop.

We've all sat back and listened to Drake's songs over the years. In a way, Drizzy reminds us of that friend who always needs to vent about the person who's doing him or her wrong.

You give that friend advice, and all he or she says is, "You're so right!" Yet, similar to Drake, the person ends up in the same place as before — or worse.


Drake's relationships have been complicated. And due to their complete complication, they haven't worked out.

It's like watching a long-distance relationship, where one companion is always busy. That's Drake.

Drizzy's everywhere and into many things. Currently, you can't go anywhere without hearing Drake's music — or at least a feature.

That's not by chance or luck. It's by hard work. And with that determination, Drake's relationships don't necessarily get a lot of "time" or nurture.

So, it becomes increasingly more difficult for Drizzy when dating another high-profile celebrity such as Rihanna.

Can you imagine those two schedules? Talk about "clash of the titans."

Yes, when dating, you need to find someone who matches you — someone who brings something of value to the table.

Well, for Drake, maybe that value isn't going to come from a celebrity personality.

As you can see from Elle, there's trouble in the Drake/Rihanna waters.

Working Professional

Yet, to digress, you've seen Drake's "Summer Sixteen" tour, right? It's been insane, just to say the least of it.

Basically, each show has sold out in the States. Rumor has it that he was about to take it across the Atlantic for a European tour.

Unfortunately, Drake sprained his ankle and had to cancel the rest of the "Summer Sixteen" tour, as reports XXL.

Yet, as relates to Rihanna — minus the injuries — she's likewise all over the world at any given moment.

Given her genre, there are less limits to her fan demographic. And, similar to Drake — as aforementioned — you can't go anywhere without hearing Rihanna's music and name.

They've both worked hard to get where they are now. Each of Drake's recent music videos are like little movies. Heck, he just released a real "little movie," just a week or so ago.

Drake's short film is called Please Forgive Me.

Given Drake's recent relationship status, that's an interesting title, no?

Right now, it's up in the air whether Drake cheated on Rihanna or Rihanna cheated on Drake. Social media is abuzz with the question.

Musically, there's no question that Drake is Mr. No. 1 right now, and he's been holding down the fort for a while.

Yet, with so much hard work, it's lonely at the top. And with two people equally trying to stay at the top — separately — some things just don't get the proper treatment.

Honestly, Drake needs a working professional who doesn't hold such a celebrity status, who isn't so busy.

She can definitely be successful and have a prospering career while still being more available or flexible to Drake's schedule.

Obviously with Drake, absence does not make the heart grow fonder. As can be seen, it possibly makes the heart go wander, in his case.

And though that's quite the misfortune, this is a successful man who is looking for emotional support. It's been the content of nearly all Drake's songs until recent years, right?

However, as mentioned, a remedy for Drake's heart could be "a different type of woman."

There are countless celebrity/working professional relationships and marriages that have stood the test of time.

While it's important to find someone with similar interests, it doesn't necessarily have to be someone within your particular professional field.

In Drake's case, it doesn't have to be an A-List celebrity like Rihanna, Serena, or Nicki.

Yet, what are your thoughts? How do you feel Drake should handle his matters of the heart? Feel free to share your comments in the section below.

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