Jennifer Lopez Scoffed At Billy Bush When He Asked About Her Butt Back In 2002

Jennifer Lopez had everyone captivated when she stepped out onto the scene in the late 90s and early 2000s. The singer and actress was curvier than most other famous women at that time. Even J.Lo’s famous assets had Billy Bush questioning her about it.

It was a different time then. Still, that doesn’t excuse what the former Access Hollywood host said to Jennifer Lopez about her butt. Lopez, 46, may sing about her “Booty” these days, but that doesn’t mean she wants to talk about it in interviews. Bush proudly asked her about it in an old clip from his Access Hollywood days, as resurfaced by TMZ. He interviewed her in 2002 about her role in Maid in Manhattan and thought it was a good time to talk about Lopez’s body.

Jennifer Lopez Fires Back
Jennifer Lopez was not happy when Billy Bush asked her about her butt. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez /Getty Images]

“People have raved about it for years,” Bush said, talking about Lopez’s behind. “How do you feel about your butt?”

Lopez sighed and laughed when she heard the question. She seemed visibly annoyed that he would want to talk about her body.

“Are you kidding me, you did not just ask me that,” Lopez said, shocked by what just happened.

“I did,” Bush said proudly, smiling away. “You didn’t,” the actress retorted, tilting her head in disbelief, before Bush repeats that he did ask the question, according to the Huffington Post.

Billy Bush Laughs
Billy Bush laughed away as he asked J.Lo about her body. [Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for SiriusXM]

“I feel like I’m insane,” Jennifer answered while throwing her hands up in the air and looking at someone off camera. “This is ah … I’m dreaming. Billy Bush just asked me that question.”

Lopez thing brings over Tyler Posey, who played her son in the movie, and then dares to ask Bush to ask his question again in front of the then little boy. The clip also gave viewers a sneak peek at Bush, in which he puts his fingers to his lips and says, “I’m a bad boy.” Check out the disturbing clip for yourself below.

The clip resurfaced after The Washington Post published a 2005 leaked video of the TV host making lewd comments about women with presidential nominee Donald Trump. Bush has since been suspended from his new job at the Today show. Though the network has not announced Bush’s status after his suspension, he’s reportedly negotiating his exit from the morning show after being there for only three months.

On Wednesday, Oct. 12, TMZ has reported that Bush’s bosses were well aware of his sexist remarks about women, but did not question his comments. Sources told the outlet that Bush, among others, would remark about women’s appearances in the newsroom. Some of those conversations would include comments such as “Man, you look hot today” and “Look at her legs,” both of which are reportedly on tape, according to TMZ.

TMZ also reported that Bush was not the only person who made those types of comments on and off the set of Access Hollywood. Bush was not just interested in J.Lo’s butt. He was also expressed interest in Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift’s legs, sources say. A large number of people were aware of the Bush/Trump conversation when it originally happened in 2005, and no one complained at the time.

That same recorded conversation reveals Trump telling Bush that he can do whatever he wants to women because he’s famous, including kissing them without their consent and “grabbing them by the p***y.” Bush is reportedly upset over the incident because he feels like the network’s “scapegoat,” according to the same sources who spoke to TMZ. Page Six has reported that Bush has plans to sue NBC over the leaked Trump tape, even though it’s been rumored that he was the one who leaked the tape.

As for Jennifer Lopez, she has not spoken out about Billy Bush’s scandal or the resurfaced clip.

[Featured image by Alberto E. Rodriguez /Getty Images]