Donald Trump Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Taking Drugs And Attempting To Destroy America — She Was ‘Pumped Up’ At Presidential Debate

TMZ is reporting that Donald Trump wants Hillary Clinton tested for drugs before the next presidential debate. Hillary was “pumped up” on drugs during the second presidential debate, Trump alleges.

Trump compared himself and Hillary to high-level athletes and said that drug-taking gives her an unfair advantage. Like an elite athlete, Hillary should be tested to ensure she is not getting a boost from any substances, Trump said.

Trump has also accused Hillary of attempting to destroy U.S. sovereignty, reports The Telegraph. Trump made the comments at recent rallies in New Hampshire and Maine.

The Telegraph report states that Trump was “defiance personified” as he spoke to his supporters in the aftermath of explosive claims about his treatment of women.

“Mr Trump was defiance personified during appearances in New Hampshire and Maine while his campaign worked furiously behind the scene to rebut the claims of at least nine women that he had touched them inappropriately.”

Trump said that he witnessed Hillary Clinton coming down from the drugs he accuses her of taking. Donald says she was full of energy during the debate, and he was surprised to see her slumping and struggling to get to her car after the performance was over.

“I don’t know what’s going on with her because at the beginning of the last debate she was all pumped up and at the end it was like, uh… She could barely reach her car…”

Trump said that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, it will be a disaster for America, and the nation will never recover.

The Republican candidate told his supporters that things are getting serious, and they have 24 days left to save America.

Trump was referring to the fact that there were 24 days left until the November 8 presidential election.

“You have 24 days to make every dream you ever dreamed for your children, for your family for your country come true. You have 24 days, and if we don’t win as I said before I don’t think it’s ever going to happen again, our country is going to be in a spiral that won’t be stopped.”

Trump has successfully established himself as the anti-PC, anti-establishment candidate, attacking Hillary Clinton for her close ties to American banks and to the political establishment, which are viewed with distrust. Trump is seen by many as a candidate who is brash and bold enough to break through the corruption and hypocrisy in the American political establishment. Trump is a great foil for Bill and Hillary Clinton, who play identity politics well and mouth PC platitudes but maintain close links to corrupt and powerful institutions, according to their critics.

Donald has countered Hillary Clinton’s allegations that he mistreats women by saying that Hillary’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, has his own colorful history with women.

The ’90s world was shocked when Bill Clinton’s affair with a White House intern was revealed, and critics demanded that Bill Clinton be impeached.

Outspoken cultural critic Camille Paglia has also come out blasting Bill and Hillary over the Monica Lewinsky affair. Paglia questioned Hillary’s commitment to progressive policy stances, pointing out that Bill Clinton took advantage of an intern who was massively beneath him in status.

Paglia said that the power disparity between Bill and Monica was “one of the most grotesque ever.” Camille called Bill a sex criminal and accused Hillary of riding on his coattails, reports Independent Journal Review.

“Anyone who believes in sexual harassment guidelines should have seen the disparity in power between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. It was one of the most grotesque, ever! I mean, the history of sex crime! He’s a sex criminal! Hillary has ridden on his coattails!”

Donald Trump has attacked Hillary Clinton for supporting the disastrous and expensive Iraq war, saying that he voted against the war. Clinton claims that Trump is lying and that he supported the war too.

This week, a woman named Jessica Leed came forward saying that Trump groped her “like an octopus” on an airplane in 1980.

A woman named Nancy O’Dell also came forward this month criticizing Trump after a video emerged showing him calling her “a b****” and boasting about how famous men like him can just grab a woman “by the p***y” in order to secure a sexual encounter.

Trump received waves of criticism for his remarks. He responded by saying that Bill Clinton has said far worse things to him on the golf course.

Trump supporters have been circulating a leaked Hillary Clinton speech from 2013. In the speech, Hillary Clinton states that she would like to see more successful business people run for political office because “they can’t be bought” according to Breitbart.

Trump is a real estate mogul and reality TV star. Clinton is a long-time senator and former Secretary of State who has been criticized for accepting millions of dollars to give speeches to Wall Street executives.

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